Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Empanadas & Shepard's Pie Empanadas


On a recent trip to Santiago, we took a night off of the seafood and sushi bonanza for some home cooking.

And it seemed like a good time to try a different twist on the Argentinian favorite, the popular empanada.

The result was combining my love for Southern US BBQ into an empanada, as well as creating a nostalgic twist for my friend from the UK, the Shepard's Pie empanada.

The result:

Southern BBQ Pulled Pork empanadas and Shepard's Pie empanadas


Here's the full breakdown:

Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Empanadas & Shepard's Pie Empanadas:

Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Empanada:
It's pretty basic: take the USA BBQ favorite of slow roasted or smoked pork shoulder, hand separate the meat, and combine with a tasty BBQ sauce. We topped the meat off with some sauteed and delicate onions.

Shepard's Pie Empanada:
The "carne" empanada is one of the more popular options around the world. Whether it's "sauve" or "picante", the real hit-or-miss factor can often be in the texture of the meat used. When the meat is in a paste form, it's usually a strikeout. If you're fortunate enough to get one with large hand cut chunks of beef, it can be good...depending on how long the meat has been sitting out. The most tasty beef empanadas I've had are usually the most simple: a light sautee of ground beef with some onion, hard boiled, egg, etc.

But as a child growing up eating Hachis Parmentier, a French Shepard’s Pie, and being a fan of both carne and various potato empnadas, it's certainly time for an empanada form of the classic pie that combines them both.

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Those look great!Going to school in the South, I often miss some good ol' comfort food... Beuford Stew, BBQ, brocoli and cheese, green beans and bacon...all the healthy stuff ya know. I love the Argentine/home cookin fusion, I like to do breakfast empanadas since, the Argentinians arent fans of eating anything sustainable in the morning haha. Bacon egg and cheese empanadas, Sausage or Chorizo, onion, pepper, and potato, egg optional. Of course this is going to be tough baking, so I just scramble up the eggs, saute everything else, throw it in the pastry and deep fry in a skillet. Love to hear some other Empanada Fusion!





Then you'll probably REALLY like one I make from time to time that is not included in the article above...

The Maque Choux empanada

It's my version of the "humita" empanada, but with some Louisiana flair.

It's as simple as making Maque Choux (diced and sauteed red pepper, green bell pepper, red onion with corn in a combo of bacon fat and beurre) and placed in an empanada.