spanish conversational classes


Oct 5, 2010
can anyone refer a really good spanish teacher? a better situation would be for me to exchange english lessons for conversational spanish lessons, since i have the experience. i was fluent in espanol a really long time ago and realized how it's all went to crap. anyhow, any advice and/or opinions are welcome! :)
I don't mean to piggy back on your thread but I am also looking for Spanish lessons. I was hoping to find a university student to meet with once or twice a week. Any one have any ideas how I could do this?
no one is responding. lol. i'm going to start studying tomorrow on my own, so if you want a study partner in the meantime, let me know. it's mostly audio stuff that i have via michel thomas.
Best paid solution for me and I have been to a few schools in the last 2 years is I went there because they have afternoon conversation classes that vary according to your needs and they include cultural events, tango and free tutoring sessions in the price of the classes. They are very kind, interesting, helpful and fun loving. The interesting part for me are the parties and the picadas where you are immersed with many different cultures speaking castellano as the common langauge.

The free solution is tha matches up language requirements between people and the people meet up on their own. Basically you are just posting and responding to ads. But many students use this route because English lessons are a luxury here because of the cost.
I am from the u.k. and am here for 1 month I have been here just over a week, I went to a school this morning hoping to learn a little Spanish, (my Spanish is Zilch) basically none, to my surprise (or ignorance) the whole lesson was given in Spanish, as I hardly understood a word, I upt and left as it was pointless me being there. I do speak very clear English and would love to meet anyone who can help me with Spanish and I in return could help you with your English
Many thanks
I know a few people who have taken classes at both VOS (mentioned above) and at B.A. Plus. I've heard great things about both places and I think their rates are quite competitive. B.A. Plus is a client of mine, so I can vouch for them personally. Brian and Leila, the people who run the school, are really great individuals.
Just a suggestion if you´re just wanting to work on your conversation skills. I´ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people here in BA through as we´ve already mentioned. . . But it´s full of local university students, as well as adults who just want the chance to speak with a native. It´s a great way to meet natives and practice speaking with them, and everyone I´ve met has been great. Give it a try!
Hey there,
I don't know any private teachers, but there's a free weekly conversation class at my Spanish school (LV Studio) on Wednesdays at 3:30pm. No strings attached. It's a good way to practice conversation and useful whether you end up taking private classes or not.
Good luck!
For private lessons I can highly recommend Gabriela Ferrente, I've been studying with her since June and it's been great. My Castellano has greatly improved, my confidence has improved. She will come to your apartment, but prefers to act as an ambassador to the city and culture, so we meet an cafes all over the place, museums and even have field trips.