Spending 10 hours in Buenos Aires tomorrow - with luggage! Advice?

Steve K

Hi Folks,

We arrive to Aeroparque from Mendoza tomorrow at noon, and our flight to the US from EZE does not leave until 10PM.
There of two of us and we each have a rolling luggage and a backpack. So we don't want to be walking around a lot, especially in the heat.

Hoping to find a place (preferably with air conditioning) to spend the afternoon relaxing or working a little on laptops. We were thinking of grabbing some Pizza in Palermo Soho, but I don't think the place had A/C. So we could grab lunch there and then go somewhere afterward to hang out until we need to head to EZE. I figure anything is better than 8 hours in EZE.


On Cabrera and Scalabrini Ortíz there is a small PagoFacil-Western Union place that offers luggage storage. They also exchange money.
Ortiz Centro de Servicios, Scalabrini Ortíz 1332, Whatsapp: +5491133557733.
It is in Palermo Soho, about 4 blocks from Plaza Armenia.
If you take a taxi at AEP, in 20 min you are there.

Going to EZE takes about 40 min, but you will be riding during peak hour, so add an hour to stay safe.
There is also a remise two blocks from Ortiz Centro de Servicio. Remise San Jorge, Gorriti 4545, +54 (011) 4833 - 2030. They are open 24/7. We use them to go to the airport but haven't ridden in a year, so I am not current on rates.


it does seem kind of sad to come to buenos aires and then spend all day on your laptop... I would check my luggage. Most hotels will do it for a few bucks, too. Then you can walk around, look at the city, eat, AND play solitaire on your laptop, in a historic looking cafe.

Steve K

These are great ideas. I thought hotel would only hold luggage if you are staying there. Maybe that is a USA only thing.



If you really end up doing this then I'd strongly suggest you plan a 2/3 hour contingency time on either end. Things can suddenly end up taking 3x the expected time in Argentina.

Honestly I wouldn't risk leaving the airport and missing my connection. A lot can go wrong in 10 hours.

Now if you had 15+ hours , sure. But I think you may be risking a lot for what will be a very rushed and probably not amazing time.running around.

Everyone has different levels of risk aversion of course , so you do you. That's my 50 cents in any case.

Good luck and update us on the flip side please.



You can check out the apps bagnb or nannybag and see if you find places where to leave your luggage. On the other hand you can also consider spending time at the VIP center inside the airport.


always risky to have a short transfer between airports. next thing you know there's a group of aholes blocking the freeway and you're screwed.

Steve K

Interesting array of advice. About half suggested enjoying the city, and the other half suggested being conservative and getting to EZE as hastily as possible!

I decided to take both sets of advice. Took a remis to Morelia in Palermo for some delightful Pizza ala Parrilla. Then down to Alchemy less than a block away for some Helado and cappuccino and air-conditioning.Used Cabify to get a ride to the airport at four, and arrived at EZE shortly after five. Now a few hours to spare in the gate area while we wait for our flight.

Thanks to all for the great suggestions!