Stung for import duty?


Feb 3, 2010
I'm here as a tourist, travelling South America. Just had a second hand item for my motorcycle sent over from Europe, value: 100 Euros, shipping cost: 80 Euros.

The courier company now wants 700 Pesos import tax from me. (100% –*I was more expecting something like 50%!) Reason for claiming that high is "second hand items are not allowed to be brought into Argentina".

Is that normal? Or is someone at Aduana or the courier company getting rich, milking anyone who needs something shipped into the country?

I've never been in a country that forbids second hand items to be sent into the country. The part isn't available in Argentina, that's why ordered it in Europe in the first place. I mean – what do they expect? Should I push my motorcycle to the border, just because "I'm not allowed to get second hand parts in"?
It's so ridiculous, I'm speechless...
Courier companies will charge you everything possible + their own broker fees.
There is nothing you can do e xcept trying to have it sent back and resent through priority airmail service (which would be useless since you already paid 80 euros for shipping).

Next time use the fastest delivery service available from the normal postal service : even if they airmail/priority it will reach you in 2 weeks (always ask for a tracking number btw)