Suggestions on a Tennis Store?


Oct 15, 2008
We're gonna ship the girls off for some tennis lessons in a week or so, any ideas on a good shop to buy rackets and shoes?

After doing a little searching on the Web, I found a tennis warehouse forum upon which a poster helpfully listed the following pro shops in Baires. We're going to go by one today with the girls, will report back.

(Hey, if I play this right, I could post and provide all of the answers in my own thread. Maybe it's a way to build up my posts so I'm not a "Newcomer" anymore!)

If you are searching for good prices.. don't buy in BA..

Pro shops.. you'd better check the address in the internet

Hector tenis- nice selection of racquets, prices ok (for BA), reasonable good knowledge of equipment, nice selection of used ones, no credit cards.- located in Av. Congreso & Ciudad de la Paz - Belgrano.

Halcry tennis - popular, babs distribuitor, very expensive, credit cards. Lavalle y Florida - Downtown also in Av del Libertador & Sucre - Belgrano.

Raqueton - nice selection of racquets, demoes, prices ok (for BA), no credit cards. Av. del Libertador & Sucre - Belgrano

Altas Pelotas - bad selection of racquets, not too bad prices, good stringers and very good knowledge of equipment, cred cards accepted. Belgrano & Olivos, check address in internet.

Palermo Tennis- nice selection of racquets, nice prices (for BA), demos. Paraguay & Salguero- Palermo.

Tennisconcept - nice selection of racquets, nice prices (for BA), demos, credit cards accepted. Pampa & av del Libertador - Belgrano

Probably for best prices check you can find some advertisement from this shops there.
hey, there are a surprising number of tennis stores here, and though I don't know much about how good the prices are, there is a pretty nice one on the corner of Marcelo T. de Alvear and San Martin, a block away from Plaza San Martin in the Microcentro/Retiro area. let me know if you need any more help finding things,