Swedish Tourist Shot in San Telmo His Leg Amputated


Such a shame. You need to always give the thief what they want in this situation, but in the heat of the moment, you never know how you will react. I seem to remember advising a tourist on here a month or so ago that San Telmo is not the best area to live in, due to stories I've heard from my Argentinian girlfriend. Someone was shooting down my claims saying it's completely safe. Pure nonsense. Please believe that this is not the barrio to get adventurous in and explore. It does not have the same safety level as Palermo, Belgrano etc etc. Take care all


1. One bullet leads to amputation after 4 operations? Either the guy is extremely unlucky or his medical care was not top notch...
2. This is the reality of living in a country like Argentina. Different areas have different risk levels obviously - not sure what else he could have done if he gave the guy his things and still got shot. Hopefully the police find the scumbag - doubtful though.

Rich One

The shooting was near midnight , well its morning, but nighttime. The Swede came out of a resto after dinner. The robber tried to snatch the cell phone from Maria his Argie ? girlfriend at gunpoint.
The Tourist, as TV mentioned, grabbed and lowered the arm of the robber, then the bullet went through his leg.
The Ambulance came 30 minutes later, a neighbor nurse, on site applied a tourniquet, but there was major blood loss.
No leads on the identity of the attacker.

The Surgeon that operated on this tourist was the same that operated on an American tourist stabbed ten times. las year , in La Boca

Visit those areas AYOR, I stay on Av. Santa Fe at night , form Pueyrredon to Scalabrini Ortiz....:cool:


How unfortunate 4 surgeries could also mean the bone was shattered and they just could not put it back together. At that close of a range, the bullet would really have force. Very sad and a life-changing event for the tourist.

Rich One

Some news are confusing and contradictory. Most recent news indicate he was shot in the Groin and the Femoral artery was severed...! The surgeries tried to bypass the Artery, then install an artery protesis, to reconstruct the artery ? at any rate the damage was such that the leg was amputated below the knee
all news services give different hours for the event , 10 pm. 11 pm. A.M.


What is disappointing is that the cops aren't out here talking to people to find the shooter. I live right in the neighborhood and ride my bike around all the time, know who the delinquents are (everyone does) and saw some strange things that very night. One was a young neighbor, a ni-ni I've known for years (who I don't talk to anymore because he is no longer a sweet little boy) driving around with friends in what appeared to be a stolen car with a homemade paint job. Interestingly he covered his balcony in plastic so no one can see in. I even have a video I took of a group of kids who were partying on the corner that very night. Seems a serious police department would be interested in any clues neighbors might have!