Swedish Tourist Shot in San Telmo His Leg Amputated

The BA Herald reports the incident occurred at the intersection of Tacuari and Venezuela, which they characterize as Monserrat. I had always thought that area was San Telmo, but maybe not. At any rate, I used to live not far from there, and its not the best area.
The HERALD is back in business? I thought it had closed.
Clarin Newspaper readers have sent letters to the Newspaper Editor complaining that the robbery occurred in streets of Barrio Monserrat (a block away?) NOT in San Telmo, thus scaring away tourists giving San Telmo a bad reputation as being unsafe:cool:.... No mention made of lost limb :rolleyes:

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See letters to the Editor today 01/15/19
The Official limits of San Telmo are..

Chile, Piedras, Avenida Caseros, Defensa, Avenida Martín García, Avenida Paseo Colón, Avenida Brasil, carril suroeste de la Avenida Ingeniero Huergo (entre Juan de Garay y Brasil), Avenida Ingeniero Huergo.
A suspect for the attack on the tourist been has been apprehended, by tracking the license plate of the vehicle in the video..! He's a driver from a construction Co.

In a recent interview the Swedish tourist , when asked his thoughts about the assailant he said " he's an a@@hole" . He wants to come back to Argentina, but will learn Spanish first.

Clarin, today (18/01/19) , report that there are 30 attacks by motochorros per day. 11,000 incidents during 2018. Palermo leads the list of robberies/criminal acts in 2018 with over 4,000 cases. Recoleta comes third .

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Palermo leads the list of robberies/criminal acts in 2018 with over 4,000 cases.
"How to lie with statistics 101"

Look at the map in the article. Notice that Palermo is the largest barrio? Hmmm.

Palermo is only #1 in robberies if you don't look at the other statistic - "Robos cada 10.000 habitantes" (robberies per 10,000 people). They actually include this statistic, but they grey it out to make it seem less important. Look at the "Tasa*" column in this chart, and you'll see that Palermo has a lower rate of robberies than 22 other barrios, including San Telmo (half as many robberies per 10.000 people).

News Update..

A 25 yo. man was arrested as being the suspect of having shot the Swedish Tourist.... He may go to trial 2 years from now? (Involuntary Manslaughter?)
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