Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!


Fellow BAExpat member, Terrie Orr (aka BAHAirdresser) is in desperate need of a home for a dog that she's been fostering for the past week.

Anuka was found in Plaza Las Heras a couple weeks ago and Terrie was kind enough to take her in. However, Terrie will be traveling and needs to find a new home for the adorable dog before July 3rd.

She's about 6 or 7 years old and is sweet as can be, clean and calm.

Please spread the word, and if someone can take her in, PM me. If this poor little girl can't find a home, she'll have to go to a shelter :(


Ba Hairdresser

She is honestly the best behaved dog ever. SO loving. I'm actually in tears with worry, i just can't think of her in one of those shelters. I think it will break her spirit, She just needs a new owner who will love her as much as the love she gives.


Fixed? Vaccinated? House trained? How does she get along with other dogs? Other people?.

We've been looking to save a well loved dog from the shelters or the streets. The thing that's giving me pause here is that you've only known her for a few weeks.

Ba Hairdresser

Philip I have sent you a PM.
Anuka is great with other dogs, Patrizia who kept her for the first few days has 2 dogs and it was no problem. She seems to love children and as i work from home she has met lots of people and children and just looks for a stroke and a possible hug.

She's house trained and has her vaccination, got them a few weeks ago. She's not fixed at the moment but that is something that we are going to do, so no expense to the person who gives her a good home. She's just so loving and wants to be loved....

French jurist

Rescued dogs, and especially females, make wonderful companions and would get killed to protect their new family.

I recently rescued a mixed German Sheperd female half paralyzed from the hips (displasy) and she's a sweetheart.

She seems to have Labrador blood = very stable breed, they love kids etc.

Crema Americana

All of our adopted dogs are nuts, but they're very loving and sweet. :) Most dogs can settle into a family environment... some requiring more attention than others.

We have one little dog that wasn't even housebroken, but with persistence (and frequent letting out in the yard) :p we've tackled that problem. He definitely wasn't perfect when we got him and he still isn't, but they can improve even if they haven't had the best care.


Hello to All,
Our 7 year old daughter visited & played with Anuka for several hours. We can confirm she is the sweetest, most well-behaved dog ever! If you have room in your hearts for a homeless dog Anuka would not disappoint you!