Tax Free Shopping


Apr 30, 2009
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can provide me with some more information related to the Tax Free Shopping that I've seen everywhere.
We are slowly collecting a small fortune in 'tax free cheques' that we'll take with us to the airport in order to get a refund. We understand the process that we need to follow, but my question relates to actually presenting the items to the officer at the booth in the airport.

For example: If I buy a pair of shoes, can I wear them and then present the required receipts and (worn) shoes at the booth in the airport? OR does any item I wish to claim the tax back on have to be new and unused when I leave the country?

If someone's got any experience in the area, it would be greatly appreciated.

In my experience, your items do not have to be new....they just have to be the item you purchased. Most of the time, they don't even ask to see the actual items but you never know. Now in Ezeiza, they have the first stop for the rebate right next to airline check-in on the main floor. You can go do that first with the items you have purchased. After they have stamped your paperwork, you can then put the items in your suitcases if you wish and proceed to check-in. Upstairs, there is another booth where you turn in the stamped paperwork and the do an automatic credit to your credit card.
I still don't know why ONE booth wouldn't suffice to do the whole procedure. At least they moved the first booth downstairs next to check-in (before it was upstairs and there was no option to putting the stuff in your suitcase).
The process does work...I have always gotten the credit on my credit card.
Be very careful about the process of collecting your money. If you go thru security without having gone to the first booth outside security, you're out of luck. I think that's why they have the 2 booth procedure, many people proceed thru security without visiting the first booth (I did the 1st time) and then they lose the refund.
Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.
Can you also tell me if the refund has to be put onto a Credit Card? Can you receive it in cash?
They have a refund booth upstairs (to the left, before you go through security) as well as one inside next to gate 9 maybe?

You get it stamped downstairs, then go upstairs & collect your refund. If you purchased in cash, they *should* be able to give you the cash (although then it would be in pesos I assume) but if you have credit cards, they will just automatically credit it back to you account (make sure you have your card handy for them to swipe it).
I have no experience with this, but have heard nasty stories several times from people claiming they never saw their money. Not really much of a surprise, I suppose, considering they presue they will never see you again. Good luck.
I have never had to show any of the item's l purchased nor had any problems w/ the refund to my C.Card .....It works great...!:)
Thanks for all of your comments.

Can anyone tell me how long does the process take? Obviously I need to arrive at the airport eariler than my flight, but how much eariler should I allow for the Tax Free process?

my mum did it on her way back to australia in march and it took about 2mins to get the paper work stamped and about 5mins to get the money put back on the card. This may have been because there was nobody in the queues. But the actual process doesn't require much time, so even a long queue should move quick enough.

But with any luck, and if you're on the QF flight direct to SYD then it will be the same time of day that we were there so there might not be many people when you go through.
Just out of curiosity is there a limit on how many purchases and price you can claim back tax on?