Teaching in schools


Sep 21, 2007
Wondering if anyone knows anything about jobs in actual schools for children, as opposed to teaching English to adults. I am a certified and qualified Canadian elementary school teacher who is currently working for an institute, teaching adults, which is ok but I am wondering if I can get something better by way of an actual teaching job, with maybe better schedules and pay, since I seem much more qualified than other people working there. I know there are bilingual schools but wondering if anyone has any experience in this area.
What do you want to know? The top schools recruit from the UK. They started out as British schools and evolved into bilingual schools as the British community assimilated. The prestigious schools will not be likely to hire anyone who is not fully legal. If they hire you they will do so on local and not internaional terms (teachers hired from abroad are given free housing, free airfares, higher salaries and other benefits denied to local hires). You will find teaching loads greater than in North America. Discipline and student motivation will be well below North American standards for top private schools. Still you may be happier in a more stable school envrionment than in an English institute. You will receive a fixed salary with holidays and benefits. You can check the BA Herald on Sundays for classified ads. There are, from time to time, announcements of openings.