Tell Me What You Want


I appreciate the efforts here. But doesn't this allow a bad actor to effectively DOS (Denial of Service) attack the forum, by getting threads locked? For example, a thread comes out that says something I don't agree with. So I (as the bad actor) could just derail the thread, and the next thread, and so on, causing all the threads to get locked. I'm not saying I know the solution, but at some point, when the same person has derailed 10 threads ... can anything be done?
I can´t say with absolute certainty, but I don´t think any single member has "caused" more than one thread to be locked.

I can say that one member who posted many personal insults (many of which were directed at me) appeared to have received a couple of 90 day "time outs" from the admin.

Unable to control himself on his return, his last post was another personal insult direct at me. As a result he was crushed like a giant head of garlic and he hasn't made a single post since then.

Recently, I noticed the admin removed an insulting post by the same member that caused the thread about the proposed Amazon server center in Bahia Blanca to be locked. The thread I am referring to, about Dems in Argentina, remains open today and still includes other insulting posts by the same member.

So, while the admin obviously has the power to lock threads, he also has the power to remove offensive posts without locking them. We've seen many threads go off topic without any insults being hurled and without being locked.

PS: As I've said before, this website is private property and I respect the owner's right to use and dispose off it and its content as he sees fit.