Testing the waters


May 23, 2009
Hi all,

I am "testing the waters" in Buenos Aires to make sure this is where I want to live before I move here later this year. Is there anything you wish you would have known or did prior to moving here? And I want to get a jump start on spanish does anybody know of a good school or private tutor in Palermo area? Thanks in advance!
If you plan on getting a legit job or applying for residency make sure you bring your birth certificate & police record with you, and get both stamped by the argentine consulate at home.

Other than that, bring spices, clothes, electronics and plenty of patience.
Don't bring your six shooter all though you might wish you had... just kidding...

I wish I had brought water filters. It's not that the water is unsafe it is just heavily chlorinated and I filter my water in the US just to be safe.

Also bring ear plugs (highest spec possible) - could you bring me some as well. I read somewhere that of all nationalities Argentines sleep the fewest hours...
Do you like or need hot sauce, decaf coffee, herbal tea bring it, do you cook.. bring a good knife.
Large size glasses, creamy salad dressings, spices, those sticky things for the bottom of the bath tubs are all things that are hard to us to find. Also any electronic equipment you think might be on it's last leg is wise to update (and sell the older model in ARG).
The important question is what part of Texas are you from?

After we know that, then we can work from there. (And get specific, some people have been to that state before.)

Joe said:
Don't bring your six shooter all though you might wish you had... just kidding...

If your six shooter looks like this, then he's not kidding. PLEASE bring it.

JeffLiff said:
Sriracha. For me. Please.

(Does anyone know if they sell this somewhere in "Chinatown?")

You can find big bottles of Sriracha in Chinatown at the bigger grocery stores (there's one on Mendoza, I believe). I don't remember how much it costs, but I don't think it was outrageously expensive.