TexMex Salsa in CABA


Hey you guys, Covid-born desperation hatched a TexMex salsa business right here in River City ( CABA). I was a long-term Austinite (over 30 yrs). If you’ve got a hankering for some seriously glorious, authentic, and even SPICY TexMex salsa, (and I Know you do) message me. We’ve got both green and red varieties and they will easily fix whatever ails you. You can find us on both fb and Instagram: Coyote TexMex. (there is another in the Provincia that is not us. btw) You will NOT be sorry.
Austinite here, and damn that salsa looks good.


Ana at Itacate gourmet productos mexicanos has several vendors (homemade) And Tina’s grocery in barrio chino also has several varieties.