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Sep 30, 2007
I brought a phone with me from the US that is on a T-Mobile plan. I can text to numbers in the US and UK no problem, but when I text to Movistar or Personal phones here, none of my friends can receive them. My phone shows that they were delivered and T-Mobile says there is no block on texting Argentine cell carriers.
Both of these configurations say they've been delivered but the recipient never gets them. +54-15-xxxx-xxxx and +54-9-11-xxxx-xxxx
I've had no problem being on the receiving end of texts from their phones - they show up as coming from +54-11-xxxx-xxxx but when I text to that configuration, the message doesn't even show as delivered.
Any suggestions?
Trixie, The 15 number is wrong. The 9 - 11 one should work but maybe ONLY for VOICE CALLS. The system is probably expecting only the local number, as fed from any cell-phone here:
You MAY need to add a PLUS SIGN + in FRONT of the 54.
(FIRST try without it)
Try this and let me know OK?
(I am sending you a note for tonite´s gathering)
Cheers, Joe
I just read your 3rd attempt using that scheme I gave you.
You may have to delete the previous numbers, BEFORE the reply to the correct numbers can work. (or else the phone tries the stored version and NOT the new, correct number)
Best is to reply to a mssg, from a new person you don´t have an entry for. CALL ME for a minute, but DON´T SMS me.
Then I´ll SMS you. Then you can reply DIRECT to my SMS:
5-11-22-835 (you know how to call with the 54-9-11)
(PS. check your NOTES there on the left, for tonite´s gathering)
I just replied to your text. Let me know if you got it. If not, I'm back to square 1.
I got U AOK Trixie, only it took a while to ring, maybe 20-30min or so. Funny how the time says 1:20pm, obviously NY time!!
I have plenty of trix like these up my sleeves Trixie, so any other challenge, just ask!!!
BTW my phone is a Personal, with a plan.
But there should be no diff. with prepaid, since they don´t pay to receive,.. unless.....oops!
Either way, as I told U B4, you need to clear out (delete, erase) all older wrong entries, and correct them to the format mine has. That needs to be done in the "address book" area, because you may have the correct format coming in via text, but if you had a prior error in the same person´s address book info, then this error will over-ride the correct format as you send out an SMS reply.
(PS my phone is full of pictures, so my SMS space is all full, please mail me to [email protected] or call my land-line no.)
Using an iphone to Argentina I finally got text messaging to work by using the following:

54 9 11 #### ####. Note that I didn't use the "+" in front of the 54 which doesn't work, nor did I use 011, which also didn't work.

Also, if you're not calling Buenos Aires, you'll have to replace the 11 with the right city code.

When calling a cell phone in Buenos Aires on an iPhone, the following seems to work:

011 9 11 #### ####

Also, ATT has a text messaging package for $10 a month for International messaging, which is a decent deal.

Finally, if you use Skype to text, omit the "9" at the beginning of the number.
I didn't know that you could use SKYPE to text.

Is it an obvious function that I haven't noticed, or do I have to search for it?
Hi Austin

My daughter will be going to BA in Feb and will be staying for 4 months. She has an iphone as well. I am familiar with the Int 10.00 texting package but apparently At&t is confused. I spoke to 3 different people before they could find it. Yikes! Anyway, do you use your phone for calling within BA? Did you have to add something to you plan? What about calling back to the US? I figure she can skyp me, but I'm concerned about Grandparents etc. Also about how she will communicate with people she meets in BA.

Any help you can provided will be great!
Kim in Phoenix
You can send texts from Skype but can't receive them.

And to Kim in Phoenix - your daughter can purchase a skype unlimited package for $60 US and make unlimited calls to the US (landlines, cellphones, etc). It's a great deal.

She probably will want to buy a local cellphone (very cheap) for her calls in BA.