Hey, just wanted to say thanks to Igor for arranging last nights eveing out. We had a great night even though we left after dinner. Made some new friends...hopefully!!! and saw some people who came out last Sat....all in all, well worth it!!
Hope to see you all soon!


I think you're getting old chica. Going to bed soooo early! Dinner wasn't too bad and I was happy to see nobody ordered the Cuy (guinea pig), which is a specialty of peru and equador. The locals there rip the head open and suck out the brains, which I didn't care to witness again. I have to say it's more enjoyable to eat Peruvian food outside of Peru.


we had a very nice turnout indeed. theres always the tricky bit though of how table 1 can mix with table2.
if you didnt make it, check out that restaurant.good food and reasonable prices, service was good too. try the chica morada, a juice drink that looks like wine but made from corn.