Jun 18, 2005
What are people doing thanksgiving? I guess ill just go out to an all you can eat. Does anyone want to form a small group?
Please list al Thanksgiving event you hear of here and include price and details.
I went to the American Club luncheon a few times. the club in on the top floor in a building across from teatro colon. Its not an all you can eat lunch and was overwhelmingly argentines. They didnt have non smoking tables, but of course not thats moot. the embassador goes there i believe.
Well its not grandmas carved turkey and stuffing.
Smoking is allowed at the "American Club"? That is surely because the club has been taken over by Argentines. I was there for an event at which the American ambassador was present. The ambassador spoke in Spanish! I could hardly find an English-speaker present! What a shame that the American community has lost its grip on this venerable club.
So what are you guys doing on Thanksgiving? As i said, unless i hear of something esle, ill just go to a good all-you-can eat that i know. Somehow the all you can eat element of thanksgiving is least 1 belt hole, dont you think, or its not Thanksgiving.
Anyone hear of thanksgiving events?
A relative of mine has reserved in I DUE LADRONI, a new italian restaurant that will hold a special thanksgiving dinner on Nov 22. After living for 7 years in the US, Italian Chef Francesco Belfiore has opened his own restaurant in Palermo Hollywood. Usually serves great italian food but will offer turkey with all the works on thanksgiving in addition to their regular menu. My aunt was told over the phone that turkey will be at AR$38 and pumpkin pie at AR$16. They seem to have already reservations for about 20 (including hers) and total capacity is 40.
Address is Fitz Roy 1951 and phone is 4899 4060.
It is my understanding that Kansas also does a Thanksgiving meal.
the american community in my years here has shown itself not to be a close one. Not even on thanksgiving. I went to the American Club thanksgiving meal once. it was full of chainsmoking argentines with no nonsmoking tables and they began the meal with empanadas. It wasnt much of a thanksgiving meal nor did the atmosphere feel like thanksgiving. It was ok, but im i have no plans to go again.
Im not quite sure why the American Club still exists, it seems to be american in name only.