The New Yorker


Feb 17, 2007
Okay, last question: I am looking for copies of The New Yorker magazine and I swear I have stopped at every magazine stand and bookstore in BA. Any ideas? The int'l subscription is expensive so I would like to buy locally. Also, in search of good NY bagels :)
It used to be carried by Tower Records on Santa Fe. No more Tower Records. I have never seen the New Yorker anywhere else . You might try the newsstand in front of the Alvear Palace Hotel but I doubt you'll have luck. I subscribe but some issues never arrive. You can read many of the features online.
I love the new yorker. i read it all the time online. very well written.
most articles are available online full text. (
yes, they are long articles so a little boring to sit in front of a computer to read, but you can read most of the issues online. the Lincoln library at ICANA school used to have it when it was donated to them. they seem to refuse to pay for anything while taking whatever handouts the US embassy gives them. a little unfair since they are rolling in dough from student fees.
Im not sure if most people know it but the US Embassy DOES have a library and anyone with a US passport can walk right in with an appt. they want you to call first thats all. They have several mags. and one might be the new yorker, i cant remember. call and find out.
so, its online and with printing costs relatively low, you could print articles out quickly. that is if you cant find it. IF you find it, let us know where and the cost.
That's great info, JG, thanks! I really love and apprecaite BA but it is nice to also have a few things from home. I am always looking for english language bookstores (Walrus Books in San Telmo is my favorite) but I really miss lending libraries where I can just read a book a week and browse the magazines for free :) I will call the US embassy to find the hours of their library.
If they don't have it at that newstand in front of the Alvear or at one of the ones on the pedestrain stretch of Florida you probably won't find it anywhere. And if you do manage to find it at either one of those places you will have to take out a loan to purchase it.