The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?


Other than peaches and bell peppers, most of the fruit and vegetables here are terrible. Why?
The vegetables and fruits of Argentina are not fresh at all and they use more chemicals and pesticides to produce them than any other countries in the world . You can find good fruit but it is much harder here than most countries


you are shopping in the wrong places.
and you need to build a relationship with a good local fruteria.
ours will pick the best fruits for us, and sometimes tell us not to buy something that day.

skip big grocery stores like Disco. and most chinos.
Buy from a small fruit and vegetable stand. In my neighborhood, within 5 blocks, there are at least 20. 2 of them are really good, 5 or so are miserable, and a bunch are average. They go every morning to the wholesale market, and the good ones actually pick good fruits and vegetables.
Like any other trade, there are people who care, and there are clockpunchers.
We have been getting great berries- blueberries are basically over for the year, I freeze em. Strawberries and cherries and grapes can be excellent. Really good melons this year, we go thru one or two a week. I have had great apples, and mushy ones. We have been digging the little brown tomatos this year, they are really tasty. Its all out there, you just have to look.

Also, there are farmers markets with direct from the farm produce- El Galpon, on Federcio La Croze, Mercado Bonpland on Bonpland in Hollywood, and more. They usually have very high quality, seasonal stuff that is fresh and good.
The Agronomia market is only once a month- but its great.
And its cheap- we buy huge bags of fresh organic stuff there, usually more than we can eat.

I have noticed a big improvement in the variety, and quality, of produce available during the last ten years- there are more and more organic farmers who really care. Kale used to be totally unheard of, now its common. Neighborhood matters, of course- if you live in a Villa, they arent going to have ricula. Higher income neighborhoods have better produce and selections, because it sells.


How do you know about the pesticides?
Monsanto and others have taken over the farms and are doing severe damage to crops and those who work in the fields. There are monthly protests in front of Congress against contamination of the food we eat. Monsanto's Glyphosate has been proven to produce cancer.

Buy organic produce from Tallo Verde online or at the weekend ferias in the parks and plazas.

You're here to live with your wife and child. Accept life as it is here. It's impossible to have things the way they are in the USA.

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you are shopping in the wrong places.
and you need to build a relationship with a good local fruteria.
Excellent advice, Ries. I get great produce from the corner fruteria, and also have organic stuff delivered to my home - a bit more expensive, just like in the States.

Right now, there are wonderful strawberries in the shops - small and incredibly tasty. Fresh local produce comes from small farms around Lujan and Escobar.

There's always somebody ready to generalize without bothering to do due diligence. Search, and You Shall Find....!


I think most people would agree that supermarket vegetables and fruit are bad. I think a large part of the problem is that the distrubution is poor. Products are delivered on flarbeds and exposed to intense sun. When they get to the markets they are already wilted. I don't know about chemicals -- probably true. There are few quality controls. There does seem to be more organic food but it's not easy to find fresh and healthy food unless you have a LOT of time to search. What is sold even in the best supermarkets is pathetic and would never be tolerated in Europe or the US. That's the way it is so you just have to work around it as best you can.