The produce in Argentina is bad. Why?

Has anyone heard anything about the return of these organic ferias? It seems like they have been on vacation an awfully long time.
The city feria organica y sostenible at the parks and plazas should have started the first weekend of March. I check the FB page daily, and still there is no announcement.

I have another option in my neighborhood. Que Comes Cuando Comes (see FB page) provides organic produce that I pick up at a neighborhood club one block from my apartment. You must confirm your order by Thursday for the products they have available for a set price of $300. They will deliver to your door for another $50 pesos if you live within the limits of Boedo/Bulnes, Corrientes, 9 de Julio y Caseros. Pick up on Friday from 18-20 and Saturday from 10-14 hs. Today's order includes the following: 1 kg de peras, 1 kg de bananas, 1 y 1/2 entre berenjena, zapallito, morrón, choclo y/o palta, 1 anco, 1 atado de acelga o kale, 1 atado de ciboulette, y 1/4 kg de lechuga. (Puede que algún producto no esté disponible o en buen estado al momento de retirar y sea reemplazado por otro similar.)

Hi Jantango! If I may ask, is this your entire weekly food budget or is it just organic food you buy in addition to non-organic? If you eat only organic on this budget where do you go grocery shopping? And, about the weekend ferias mentioned here, are they cheaper than mercado El Galpon and mercado Bonpland?

I was at the address of feria verde de San Telmo at Peru 667 after the holidays just to find them closed, and if I remember correctly it was on their working day. Is it for sure that the feria reopened? Also, if you know, which of the weekend ferias is the most affordable and has not only fresh fruit and veggies but things like organic rice, dried legumes like garbanzo beans, lentils, peas etc. and organic olive or coconut oil?
I have never bought at Galpon or Bonpland so I can't comment on prices. For about three years I have bought organic almost exclusively from Tallo Verde and Schatzi stands at Plaza Sobral in Palermo and Parque Rivadavia in Caballito at the organic fairs. The only other alternative is Sabes la tierra which runs on Wednesdays 10-4 on Enrique Discepolo near Corrientes & Callao. They had a few dates during January and February when the regular ferias were closed for vacation.

I am desperate for organic now, so I placed my first order on the Tallo Verde website last night. There is a $590 minimum and a $100 peso delivery charge. You can pay in cash or by credit card. They deliver in my neighborhood on Saturday and Thursday from 10-12. I ordered plums, lemons, apples, green onions, kale, beets, red cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes. They have many more fruits and vegetables available at their stand on the weekend, but the city seems to have abandoned them.

Schatzi sells beans, rice, and seeds in 3 kilo bags which I buy instead of the small packages. I'm out of oatmeal, chick peas, and lentils. If they don't return to the weekend ferias, there are two sources for their products: Matcha Life, Rodriguez Pena 1336 (Recoleta) and Biomarket on Puerreydon, a block from Las Heras.

I have a half-size refrigerator, so I hope there is space for all the organic produce I will have this weekend from Que comes cuando comes and Tallo Verde.
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The feria organica at Parque Rivadavia in Caballito is usually held on the 1st and 3rd Sat/Sun of every month from March thru December.
Currently the park is undergoing a major renovation. I was informed yesterday per TC to Tallo Verde Organico (0-800-888-2556) that the city gov't has yet to confirm the date of the actual opening weekend for 2019. Tallo Verde is waiting for confirmation that it could be on Sat, March 23rd.
I just went to pick up my organic produce order from Que Comes Cuando Comes. This is the list of today's harvest from the farm: bunch of chard (acelga), head of lettuce, bunch of leeks (puero), butternut squash (arco), bunch of cibolette, 6 pears, 7 red apples, 5 zapallitos, a large egg plant (berenjena), 3 green peppers (morron) -- all for about $8USD.

Tomorrow my order from Tallo Verde in Lujan is delivered to my door in the morning.
Tallo Verde delivery arrived at my door at 10am today with my order in a large box covered in plastic with printout of what I ordered. I could have paid with a debit card, but I had the cash in hand. I am well stocked now with 6 white onions, 7 purple plums, 6 lemons, 6 beetroots, 3 round tomatoes, 6 green onions, 15 stems of green kale, 7 red apples, a head of red cabbage, and five carrots.

The total cost of my two orders was 1,003ARS which is $28USD. And all the produce is organic and just harvested.