The Russians are leaving Argentina


Mar 20, 2014

The usual Google Translate deal, banner is in Castellano and story will initially appear in that tongue, but wait a few seconds and it will change to English.
I think they are both telling the true though.

From nothing to something is an "explosive" increase, and when you expect everyone to stay and "only" 25% stays..
just a matter of reading the numbers and how you want to present it.
I find the title of the piece ("las rusas...") simply repugnant
What's repugnant about it?
What's repugnant about "Russian women are not staying [in Argentina]."?

Thankfully, "political correctness" nonsense has not reached Argentina.
Here, they just call a shovel a shovel, instead of a "soil-shifting tool".
Funny what you say about PC not reaching Argentina, when the first line in the article says "Las rusas (y los rusos)..." a play on words on the usual gender "equality" PC that has taken over the spanish language in Argentina. But OK, guess you are fine with that.

What bothers me in the tittle is when the traits/actions/etc of a general group (russian women, in this case) are equated to that of a subgroup (some migrants in Bs As)

But is not just the title: the article goes on describing how an ad-hoc "socio-environmental study" (wtf is that??) was implemented. Do you know how this "study" is regulated? who approved it? is part of the immigration laws? is it applied to other ethnic groups or just people running from Putin? You are OK with this as well??

A while ago there was a thread in this forum about some of the earlier russian migrants, when a group of pregnant women were detained in Ezeiza. In that thread, Bajo_Cero clearly explained that they were breaking no law coming in, having their baby, etc. Would love to hear his opinion on this "study"