The slow train to Patagonia, a relic of a bygone era

I had found a pdf of the book to download on the internet, but I lost the link, unfortunately. Definitely something to take to read on the train.
i love trains, but man 18 hours to travel only 500 miles is brutal.
Yes, brutal though scenic and interesting experience. all for less than the cost of two McDonald’s happy meals.

The bus is similar time at 14 hours.
I started reading this a few days ago.View attachment 8775
I love that book! Not Boston but, when I rode down from Ottawa to Buenos Aires by bus and train, I took my copy with me and read it on the way. Most of the train services were long gone but La Estrella del Norte was still running with the same equipment as Theroux described.

Years later, I did the Tucuman to Buenos Aires leg again only this time all the rolling stock was Chinese and the dining experience was execrable. Such a shame. Anyone planning to make that trip? Take your own food!
In 1990, I took the train from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. It took 45 hours. There were a lot of stops in the middle of nowhere. Worst of all, I assumed there would be a dining car (cut me some slack, my first trip to Argentina), but nothing. By the time I got to Bariloche I was starving and over indulged on chocolate. Good Times!