Thinking about moving to BA. Any input?


Oct 10, 2008
Hi Everyone,

I'm very new here. I have the ability to work from anywhere that has good Internet access. I'm single an can do whatever I want and I am thinking of moving from Nashville to Buenos Aires in about 6 months. I've done some preliminary reading on the subject and have some basic questions for anyone who cares to answer. Thank you in advance.

Any thoughts on:

- how stable, reliable, fast, and expensive are the Internet connections are?
- bringing two dogs?
- the current economic crisis? Impact on exchange rates, cost of living, cultural /political climate, etc.
- how big a deal it is being an English only speaker?
- how much should one earn in USD to live well (like US upper middle-class or better)?
- any random thoughts or links that you think would be useful in my education?

Thank you!
Hi, All your questions can be answered by browsing posts on this website, just click on the forum tab. maybe the cost of living is higher now since the inflation is brutal here and the exchange rate does not keep up with the inflation.