thinking of moving back to BA


Dec 17, 2008
To all,
I live in England since 2002, I am from Buenos Aires and I am thinking seriously on going back home.
It is very difficult to convince my husband, specially having British Children, so wondering what is your opinion on how is life over there, security and trying to find a job.
Being away for so long, has made me lost track on real life.

thank you for your advice!
Really depends on what you are looking for, personally, workwise, and what sort of assets you have i suppose.

Exchange rate between pounds and pesos is terrible, down 25% or so in just 8 months. Makes a big dent if you were going to pay for things in pounds. Everything costs 25% more than it did in April. Not good if you want to buy a house....

Workwise situation isn't ideal, times are tough in lots of sectors, plenty of people are laying off in anticipation of a downturn.

I'd wait for UK currency to pick up, and for the exchange rate to correct. More a matter of when than if. Once the real value of the peso is reflected in the exchange rate, BA will probably look a lot more attractive.

I'd wait and see for the moment though. Now not a good time, especially if you're husband is a bit reluctant. Give it a few years and BA could be a huge opportunity. I know lots of argentines who returned home after the the crash and invested all the money they had made abroad back into buenos aires, because it bought them so much more.

I guess reasons for coming home are always going to be more personal than practical, but even so I think now isn't the best time to move home.
thank you for your answer, will take the advice.
we are thinking only to move in 18 months or so. I work in business aviation so more likely to get at some point relocation.
but yes, we will wait
thank you! and enjoy...