Toll Free/Freephone number


Apr 15, 2007
Does anyone have experience with a toll free/free phone service provider?
I work for a small educational company here in Buenos Aires and we have students who call us from all over the world. Right now we have a toll free number for those who live in the US and Canada, but we would like to add a freephone line so our clients who live in the UK (and other countries in Europe) can call us free of charge, and we can call back at a low rate. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideally, we would prefer to work with one company that could handle all these needs, instead of various ones across US/Canada and Europe.

I have been looking at various companies, but I want to ask if anyone can give me a recommendation. Thanks!
Look at vonage, you can creat a virtual number for many european countries and it is very cheap. It essentially allows you to create virtual numbers so they are local calls for people and it rings your mail vonage number. You can add many virtual numbers for various places on the same account. and check it out, it works for me a I have numbers for Mexico, Spain, France, UK, and Italy
I personally use Skype. Curerntly for US$12.95, they allow you to make unlimited calls to landlines to many countries and also provide for free with the subscription a total of 3 local numbers in some of those countries which will connect to your skype account. It's not toll-free in those countries same as vonage.
I have being using vonage for a while, the service is quite good, and you don't need to have the computer on. Just the phone connected to the Vonage device and that.. connected to the modem... mmm... now that I think about it.. to many wires....

Maybe I will try skype.. just to check it out...