Travel Advice


Nov 12, 2008
My boyfriend and I are thinking of traveling somewhere for either a night or a perhaps a few days over New Years and were hoping for suggestions. I read all the great advice regarding trips to the south posted recently, but was hoping for suggestions regarding slightly shorter trips (and either north or south is fine). We were considering Tigre and San Antonio de Areco but, for differing reasons, were unable to find good hotel reservations. We are willing to travel up to eighteen hours (for something really spectacular), though ideally less than ten. I love Buenos Aires and cities in general, but we live in a particularly concrete-filled part of town, and I am missing natural beauty (lakes, the sea, green stuff, etc), so we would like our trip to involve natural beauty of some kind, if it only be a good view of some mountains or a nearby lake. We are not big hikers, but love good food, good music, culture, etc. And if anyone could recommend a good Bed and Breakfast or hotel in said city or town, not too pricey, we would be very grateful. This will be our only overnight trip outside of Buenos Aires during our five month stay in Argentina, so if there is something a little further away that we shouldn't miss, please let me know. Thank you!