Advice on a good place for 5 day travel?


May 4, 2011
Hi :)

I desperately want to go to Bariloche and San Martin, but realisation of the ash problem has made me think twice.

now we finally have 5 days to take a break from BA and unsure where to go!

*not tooo far,
*not expensive
*out in nature, maybe some hiking, trekking and camping?

looking at Mendoza, Salta or Iguazu,
in each place would love to get out of the touristy areas and experience the place...

anyone with good tips?

*** happy thanksgiving!
don't get out of the touristy in the north. it's dangerous.
thanks for the warning, but what happened? were you robbed?

any better suggestions then?
Sorry, I didn't mean to just say something like that without any suggestions and then disappear! My dad goes a lot and he loves it and really *knows* it. I've been there with him. Outside the touristy areas foreigners are not exactly welcome, internet is very hard to find and cell phones often don't work, so if anything happens it's really hard to communicate. Salta and Jujuy are beautiful and, to be honest, the touristy areas are the ones that are worth the more. Touristy there is not touristy-new york, you know what I mean? It's not like everything will be overpriced and made for tourists. It's just that it's really worth going and seeing it.

But for a 5 day trip I'd probably go to Cordoba. It's closer. La Cumbre, for example, is beautiful, great landscape and rivers and the sierras. I love it.