traveling alone at 16


Apr 27, 2009
Just wondering, do you need some special permision or special documents to travel alone from Europe to Argentina (and back) when you are 16?
I know that within SHENGEN it is no problem, but how about Belgium-Argentina?
My sons friend will be visiting us.
That is a tricky one!

I don't know the answer, but I do know the rules for Argentinian under 18s. They can't travel abroad without both parents, or with one parent and a legal document from the other parent giving permission, or with a legal document from both parents.

I'd be interested to know what the position is for a minor traveling on a European passport?
hello, some time ago the limit here in Argentina was 21 years (now 18 years) for travelling alone. But now the answer for persons under 18 years :

If you are younger than 18 years it can be very difficult to coming to Argentina even you have a European Passport. Normally if the person comes with one parent or alone for a short visit it could be possible without problems if he is older than 16 years but without any guarentee (depends on the person at Migraciones on the airport).

The right rule is : All people younger than 18 years which want to travel to Argentina (short or long term stay) must have a signed paper/declaration about the journey from both parents if they will travel alone. If the person will coming with only one parent part or with third parties the paper must have the sign from the other parent and all passport numbers and names from any third partie.

That paper/declaration MUST be certificated by the Argentina Embassy where the passport of the person under 18 years was issued. Sometimes it is very important to have a translation of that paper to Spanish or at least in English language. Best way is to write the paper in Spanish and certificate that at the Embassy (this will be best work and lowest costs).

For further information call the Argentina Embassy in your country because they often have some prewritten declaration in Spanish which must only be signed from the parents.

bye alex
Thanks alex, so the rules are the same as for Argentinian under-18s traveling out of the country.
yes like the same but I forgot some information :

Very important is that the passport for people under 18 years MUST be valid for more than 6 month (beginning with the journey) or you can directly fly back !!! For people over 18 years there is no problem if the passport is only valid at least for 3 month (90 days visa).

For some countries - I know it from Brazil - you will need to try a actual birth certificate (original and copy) too. The authorization paper MUST be have declared the name and address from a local resident (Brazil nationality or a foreigner with permanent residence only) who will be responsible for the minor. I don't know if it will be needed for Argentina too.

bye alex
The boy is traveling alone and is only staying for 2 weeks (has a return ticket). So if he has the official permission to travel alone (in Belgium that is given in the townhall) and then take it to the embassy it should be enough?
I will all the Argentine embassy in Belgium.

Thanks for your answer.
if he has the permission to travel alone and he has the sign on it from the embassy it should be enough I guess. I don't know if there must be a declaration of the visited people too because I know this rule only from Brazil.

To be real sure about this please ask the embassy before you go to them for sign the paper because they surely know if there exist same rule as in Brazil for Argentina too.
Alone, it is probably best to have this document-

but I can tell you from personal experience that, if travelling with adults, they dont seem to enforce this very much.
I have brought, and taken, my under 18 year old kids with only one parent, and I have brought in under 18 unrelated friends of my kids- so, while they were travelling with adults, they did not have EITHER parent with them.
Migraciones just stamped her passport, and didnt say a thing, either coming or going. No additional documents were asked for.

These were all kids with US passports.
OK - I know this is nothing to do with the OP's question, but if you can fight for your country at 16 (i.e - join the army) - why can't you travel as a tourist ?