Traveling around Argentina


No, I don't have residency. Prices are quoted in local currencies which will change depending on what country you select the country you currently reside. if you select argentina you will be quoted in pesos. if you select brazil you are quoted in reals, USA = dollars...etc....residence does not mean you have argentine residency it just means where are are currently located.


Hi Dan
Yes you are right thanks!! The agency obviously was trying to rip us off...but as its -degrees in Santa Cruz I think Ill leave it for the summer and when the penguins return.


I checked the website today & they definitely quoted me different prices & asked for "country of citizenship. To fly from BsAs to Caracas (just for example) for a citizen of Arg, it was $751. When I put in my citizenship (US), it was about $950


"danc" said:
I am not aware of an offical govt policy to charge non argentines more. i just went on the aerolineas argentinas website and went thru the reservation process for an flight within argentina. i was not prompted to reveal my nationality. my wife is argentine and we have traveled extensively throughtout argentina and we have never been quoted two different prices. there definatley are shady travel agencies that may attempt to charge more, but i have never encountered the dual pricing policy booking my tickets thru the web, in the airport or an the actual airline counter.
In have been to countries where an offical dual pricing policy was the norm, china and vietnam in the early 90's did this. it was a nightmare for the govt to manage and opened the doors to a huge black market. because of this i highly doubt an offical govt sponserd dual pricing policy exists in argentina. i think the problems reported on this forum are as a result of bad travel agents.
Kinda hard to have a black market with personalized tickets