True Blood Books :D


Apr 8, 2009
Hi there people, I am really loving to watch True Blood, and I would love to start reading the books before they broadcast season 3 which is coming out june or july, cant remember.
Anyone knows where I can get the books here in B.A?
Many thanks
I have 3 in English,never been read...bought them for my flight from Thailand and just never read them.

Dead Until Dark
Club Dead
Living Dead in Dallas

lemme know if you wanna buy them.
How much are you asking for the books and what series/ seasons do these books correspond to?
I havent a clue which seasons they pertain to as I haven't read them.A Google might give you the info though.

Price would be 10 USD each as that is what I paid for them.
great, let me know when I can get if off ya, I live 1 min away from museum Malba. I've no rush in buying the book I am still watching season two, CLub Dead correspond to season 3 and the other 2 are season 1 and 2.

can you email me your address ? [email protected]
Thanks a lot :)