urgent help with eye doctor?


Mar 7, 2008
HI all,

My husband woke up this morning with what seems to be an eye infection and we are trying to figure out where he should go. Of course, we haven't gotten around to getting health insurance yet so we'll have to pay fully in cash :(

Is it usual practice to go to a hosptial or better to go to a prvate practice/or health center? I have no idea where anything is around here!
Can anyone recommend a place in Palermo (we're on Honduras and salguero)?

Thanks for your help!
Go to the local public hospital. If you're American or British or Australian, etc. they will take great care of you and if necessary can tell you were to go. A friend of mine was visiting a few months ago and ended up in the hospital at 5 am one morning and it's kind of sad to say that 5 doctors rushed to take care of him while ignoring some Argentinians who had been waiting. I have had 2 similar experiences myself with the hospitals. They are awesome and free, ALWAYS. I don't know where your local hospital is, but you should be able to ask even a cab driver.
well, i didn't realize the local hospitals were free... paid 150 pesos to go to swiss medical. Lesson learned!
The poor Argentine taxpayer thanks you, "amat"!