Various household items for sale


Sep 11, 2008
I’m headed back to the states and have some items to get rid of.

Everything for sale is no more than 6 months old. I’m selling it all for half or less what I paid in the hopes of selling it ASAP. All prices listed in pesos but you can pay in dollars, too.

Box spring and mattress, 2 plazas, 6 screw-in feet - Paid $600, asking $250 (firm and very comfortable) (can include pillows!)

Black wool blanket - 1 plaza - paid $100, asking $50

Standing, oscillating 3-speed fan – paid $200, asking $100 (just think about next summer…)

Hand-held, battery-operated Brookstone fan; cost 60 US and I only used it the month of January; asking $50 pesos (a bargain!)

LG cell phone, unblocked/compatible with all carriers, AM/FM radio, includes charger and head set – paid $300, asking $150

Compact hair dryer, decent air flow – paid $100, asking $50

Collapse-able wood and fabric chair, small but surprisingly comfortable, paid $60, asking $30

Stainless steel thermos, paid $75 (stupid Punta del Este prices), asking $30

Set of purple towels – 2 full size, two hand towels; paid $100, asking $25

Anyone who comes to get one of these bigger items can also rifle through an assortment of books, clothes, kitchen stuff, toiletries, and other odds and ends, all 10 pesos or less. If there’s something specific you’re looking for PM me and I’ll let you know if I have it.

If you have questions, want to see pictures, or want to reserve something, PM me. I work from home so it should be easy to schedule a time for you to come over. I live in Barrio Norte near subte station Aguero.

Get the stuff yourself or send a flete. I live on the 5th floor and the only thing that won’t make it in the elevator is the bed.

Though I would prefer to sell as close as possible to my March 30 departure date, everything except the cell phone is available for pick-up as of tomorrow. (Cell phone available Monday, March 29.)
Also have:

A real leather purse and a faux one... both brown, medium-sized, good bags but I have too many to take them all with me.

Worn-only-twice sneakers, size 40

Hair products: shampoo, conditioner, gel spray, silicone product (ask about brands)

Cutting board, glass pie tin, glass pitcher, metal serving spoons

I'm sure more will come up the more I clean...
I sent a PM about the hair products. I'm always looking for some good shampoo & conditioner. But I'd also be interested in your baking stuff, the pie plate and if you have other things I'd take a look.
Do you have an Argentine Hair straightner or hot rollers? My hair misses looking nice and not being in a ponytail or bun. :(
The purple towels are still available!!

Mini sorry I didn't get back to you, I was waiting on another friend to see if she wanted to claim the hair products. The shampoo is Neutrogena and the conditioner is L'Oreal. I also have a full bottle of Wella "high hair crystal styler" which is a light gel spray, as well as most of a bottle of U.S.-bought Redken 'Smooth Down Heat Glide,' a silicone-esque smoothing treatment.

JoeKelly, sorry but no straightener or hot rollers. But, the Redkin product might interest you?

I will be home tomorrow before 1 pm and after 3 pm for anyone interested in stopping by... just let me know! email is elizabethries at gmail dot com.
New additions to the for sale pile:

Large woven basket (I used for laundry)
Black overnight/large laptop bag
Real (from the US): Star Trek (the new one); The Craft (yes that amazing '90s movie)
Copies bought here: Twilight and New Moon (don't judge); My Life in Ruins; Iron Man; Bridge to Terabithia
Thanks to so many of you for coming to get my loot!

The big-ticket items still left:

Standing fan (100 pesos)
Cell phone (150 pesos)

Also still have the large woven basket (20 pesos), DVDs (2 pesos each), and some Spanish-language books including a Spanish-English dictionary (2-5 each).

I will consider offers!
EliA- Did you get my PM? I was interested in the towels, folding chair and random kitchen things.
Is the bed taken already? If not what size is it?