Vegetarian Restaurants in Centro?


Feb 11, 2008
I have friends from the states that will be here for a music festival in mid September...they are vegetarians and would like a list of restaurants...they speak very little Spanish. Are there any or are most restaurants helpful in preparing off the menu if need be? Also, since they are from the Pacific Northwest they are seafood lovers...any restaurants that serve wild not farm raised? Thanks for any help with this...I won't be seeing them but a few times so need to direct them to locations and as yet they only know they are staying in downtown.
You can always order the veggie options on the menu: pastas, salads, deserts, etc. Salad bars are frequent, where U can choose what you want.
A 10 min train ride to Begrano station, from Retiro (tracks 1-3) takes you straight into Chinatown, The first restaurant on the diagonal street along the tracks (crossing -east- towards the river side) is a vegetarian Chinese place. Next door, plus all around in the other Chinese restaurants, they all have seafood, lobster, shrimp, fish, etc.
Thanks so much for your reply, I will pass this onto my friends. I have been to the Chinatown area of Belgrano once or twice, but didn't know about the restaurant there.
I think they'd also like Pura Vida... a very small place that sells very healthy wraps and sandwiches and smoothies in Recoleta, on Uriburu near French. Ken
Theres a great (and very reasonably priced) "eat all you can" veggie restaurant called Golden Fenix in Avenida Belgrano in Once (they have a website where you can get the address). China town is also good. I like the tofu options in Lai Lai.
Do not go to vegetarian raw food restaurant "verde hoja" in Villa Crespo/Chacarita... We were way over-charged, the ambiance was mediocre to say the least and the food - barely palatable. Plus, portions are thimble-sized!
The raw food place is called Verdellama - they have one on Jorge Newberry in Colegiales and a small outpost at Santa Fe and Rodriguez Pena in a galeria. In centro, there are two fairly good vegetarian restaurant options. Granix, which is an all you can eat vegetarian buffet in the Galeria Guemes along Florida; and Tulasi, an Indian vegetarian lunch spot in the Galeria del Este right on Plaza San Martin.
Praná in Palermo (Uriarte and Costa Rica I believe) is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant. However, you should tell your friends that BsAs is not the place to eat seafood, and certainly not a place where they're guaranteed fresh fish, even if they are told it isn't farmed; tell them to hold out for that fantastic Alaska salmon once they're back in the PNW, and in the meantime enjoy the many pumpkin dishes to be had.