"VIP vaccination scandal"


22 February 2021..6:05pm....by Santiago Dapelo.
The vip vaccination list: who are the 70 beneficiaries of the Government.
Former President Eduardo Duhalde and his wife, Hilda González and their daughters; trade unionists, ministers, secretaries and undersecretaries of state. In addition to businessmen and historical leaders of Peronism, such as Lorenzo Pepe, they make up the list of people who received Sputnik V via extra-official channels and in violation of the official schedule.

In an attempt to neutralize the impact of VIP vaccination, the Gov't released today the list with the beneficiaries who were inoculated with the doses that were reserved by the Ministry of Health at the Posadas Hospital. The decision of the Casa Rosada to make the list transparent came after a meeting between the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, and the new Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, who replaced the displaced Ginés González García on Saturday.

President Alberto Fernández and his closest group received the vaccine. They are the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello; the presidential spokesman, Juan Pablo Biondi, and the Media Undersecretary, Marcelo Martin. Also featured are the photographer Esteban Collazo and the private secretary of the head of State, Nicolás Ritacco.

González García set up an exclusive vaccination program at the Ministry of Health and reserved a "remnant" of at least 3,000 vaccines that arrived in the country and were not distributed among the provinces. That benefit was for a few: different political figures and even his nephew agreed to those doses. Last Friday the scandal was uncovered after the public confession of the journalist Horacio Verbitsky.

After the scandal, the President instructed Cafiero and Vizzotti to immediately publicize the list of those vaccinated. With González García out of government and the public registry, in the Casa Rosada they consider that the crisis will be "encapsulated."

The list of vaccinated vip....


22 February 2021..7:08pm..by Mariela Aries
Vip vaccination: Fernando Galmarini and Marcela Durrieu, in-laws of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and parents of the president of AySA, Malena Galmarini, were vaccinated against the coronavirus in January....this, according to the Argentine Integrated Health Information System, SISA.

The head of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, announced, via Twitter, that all three were vaccinated. THE NATION accessed official documents that corroborate that Sputnik V was applied.

According to these records, Alfonso Massa, "Fofó", received the first dose on January 26, while on February 11 he was vaccinated with the second component of Sputnik V. In both cases, he was consigned as "person of 60 or more years ". Durrieu, 70, received the first dose on January 22 and the second on February 11. It was registered the first time in the official database as "person aged 60 or over" and the second time as "health personnel". Durrieu is a doctor specializing in Public Health and was a consejal in San Isidro for the Frente Renovador, headed by her son-in-law. Fernando "El Pato" Galmarini also has a past linked to politics: he was Secretary of Sports during the Menem era. Aged 78, he was vaccinated on the same date as his wife. In this case it was the other way around: the first time he was registered as "health personnel" and the second time, as "person aged 60 or over". Sebastián Galmarini, a benchmark for the Frente Renovador and director at Banco Provincia, stressed that his parents are over 70 years old, that his mother is a doctor, in addition to being a person at risk for suffering from COPD, and that his father has a heart history. He added that they signed up to receive the vaccine through the application of the provincial government and received it in a provincial hospital, not in a VIP vaccination center. "Everything was done according to what corresponds, there was nothing in my opinion irregular," said Galmarini.

As announced by Governor Axel Kicillof himself, vaccination for older adults in the province of Buenos Aires officially began on January 30, after Massa's father and in-laws were vaccinated.

In her Twitter account, Patricia Bullrich stated: "In January, VIPs had already been vaccinated. I regret that the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, used his position to vaccinate his in-laws when it was only for health personnel. President Fernández: is not a mistake, it is a system of privileges of power! ", she said.

LA NATION tried, so far without success, to communicate with Galmarini, Durrieu and Massa to consult them on the matter.


22 February 2021..5:18pm..by Hernán Cappiello.
Vip vaccination: they accused Ginés González García and asked to raid the Ministry of Health and the Hospital Posadas.

The prosecutor Eduardo Taiano formally charged the former Minister of Health of the Nation Ginés González García and his former chief of staff Lisandro Emilio Bonelli, his nephew, in the case in which the VIP vaccination that worked in his portfolio is being investigated. The prosecutor also asked to raid the Ministry of Health and the Posadas Hospital, in Haedo, from where came the vaccines. The prosecutor promoted the investigation against Ginés González García, his collaborators who irregularly benefited from vaccines against Covid-19, while trying to rebuild the parallel vaccination circuit that worked in the Health Ministry....



A new complaint against Gines of illicit association and influence peddling due to some funny business along with some Ks in the commercial arrangements for Sputnik that somehow ended up having an Argentine filmaker somehow involved in the transaction instead of an established pharma lab.
Was starting to wonder how a lifelong public surgeon came to afford his very expensive home at Le Park tower in Puerto Madero and Audi SUV - which is far better than the president's Toyota.


Former Minister of Health Ginés González García has just added a new criminal complaint in Comodoro Py. They accuse him of influence peddling and of having formed an illicit association, among other things. The complainant is Ariel Fernando García, representative of HLB Pharma, the laboratory that had registered Sputnik V and was later separated by the Government.

García was one of the seven people who participated in the first trip to Moscow, in October of last year. The official delegation was made up of the new Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini. But three representatives of the Argentine laboratory also traveled on the same flight, the wife of Buenos Aires Minister of Health Daniel Gollan and a businesswoman from Santa Cruz who has a close relationship with the Kirchners. They all traveled on the same plane due to the shortage of flights, but as soon as they landed in Moscow they moved independently.....

...In fact, HLB Pharma registered the vaccine with the ANMAT and hired a team of experts to translate the documentation that arrived from Russia, an 11,000-page “dossier”.

From one day to the next, the laboratory was out of the game. And the reasons were never explained.

As Infobae revealed in November, its managers ended up clashing with the authorities of the Ministry of Health. In between there was a silent game of pressure and even underhanded threats.

After the talk held by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alberto Fernández, at the beginning of November, the Government began to slide the possibility of signing a contract without intermediaries, leaving HLB out. However, this medium revealed that Argentine filmmaker Fernando Sulichin, who has been successful years ago as a Hollywood producer, ended up involved in the millionaire purchase. In fact, he was in charge of organizing the first trip to Moscow....

...The presentation against Ginés, which has already been pointed out by at least half a dozen complaints , summarizes the public scandal over the VIP vaccinated and blames the former Minister of Health for the entire maneuver.

The behaviors described could undoubtedly constitute the crime of influence peddling in ideal competition with the criminal type included in Art. 205 of the National Penal Code , as it is evident that it would have acted in violation of the measures adopted by the authority to combat a pandemic, beyond the paradoxical fact that, who acted against said measures, was the one from whom they had emanated in the first place, "says the complaint to which Infobae had access .

And he adds: “Likewise, it is clear and undoubted that Mr. González García could not have been sufficient only for the task he carried out, requiring a number of people to perpetrate the illicit acts described (such as someone who scheduled shifts and received those persons to be illicitly inoculated). This leads us to think about the advisability of investigating the possible existence of an illicit association, in a technical sense, around the facts described.”.

García also highlights that HLB Pharma “provided free contact” of the Russian Investment Fund with the authorities of the Ministry of Health, at the beginning of the negotiations. And he speaks of a moral scam with vaccination outside of the national protocol: “It cannot fail to emphasize that what is really important is the moral scam that implies that, in a country that exceeds 50,000 deaths from covid-19, the medicines that The national state has been tried to finally stop this aberrant mortality rate, they are not distributed equitably, but based on personal issues such as the possession of money or influence ”.




Is it a coincidence that those listed so far do not represent both sides of the political divide - only Peronists? So much for human rights, equal access to health and a right to life. If those who received the vaccines improperly did represent both sides of the political divide in an equitable way, esp in terms of the non-funcionario recipients, then at the very least there could be an argument to back up the idea of having "strategic" people to vaccinate to keep the state running. At this point, it is just disgusting.
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According to a February telephone opinion poll, more than 60% or Argentines already did not have confidence in a successful vaccination campaign. Not to mention the poor opinions on current Frente de Todos leadership - which has been on a continuous downhill trend after reaching historic highs in the early days of the pandemic. Will be interesting to revisit these and other opinion poll numbers following this developing scandal - especially once we see what really happened to vaccines in the provinces and at the sindicatos and as more facts may be exposed as part of the judicial investigation.

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According to Feinmann from LN+, they even had mobile vaccine team they sent to the family Duhalde.

It is interesting because especially Chiche Duhalde was very critical in the past towards this government. So why would she receive a VIP jab? In another post I mentioned the idea of the "favor bank". Probably not too far off. But now that this scandal has come to light, I am not sure if she still has the courage to show up as a moral leader .....



The Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero , said today that there are no more vip vaccinated lists and defended the inoculation against the coronavirus of the Treasury attorney, Carlos Zannini . "Under no point of view will he be asked to resign; he is one of the people classified as strategic personnel and his wife (Patricia Alzúa) had a prevalent disease ”, he assured.

The untouchables. Carlos Zannini is the attourney of the treasury. He is also known as the legal brain behind CFK and together with his wife are her long time personal friends. His wife on the other hand is nothing more than one of millions of Argentines who have a "prevalent" disease - and someone that got a favour through political connection to jump the line.
According to Wikipedia:

Zannini was prosecuted in 2012 of 38 counts of illegal enrichment , fraud, and other forms of corruption. However, the case was suspended for a time and has faced several roadblocks put up by members of the presidential cabinet and government. Recently he has granted the retirement Payments back to the Ex-vicepresident Amado Bodou creating a controversial point on Alberto Fernandez government, (AB:former VP was found Guilty of all charges for corruption and misslead of National foundings as well as lie on tax form exemptions)

It is amusing watching the government propaganda machine manipulate words to try and make them sound like noble victims of their own error, instead of just admitting it and doing what other countries do which is to say sorry and to fire all those who broke the rules.