Visiting from NYC


Nov 23, 2008
Hi Everybody!

I'm 24, from NYC, been reading the site the past couple days, and it's very interesting and inspiring! I'll be visiting family the first two weeks of December. It's my first time back since '04, and my first time going alone, so I'm looking forward to trekking it a little and taking in as much as I can. I'll be staying in Palermo.
Since I dream of moving to BA, I'd love to meet some of you while I'm there and hear first hand how life's been treating you since you made the move (especially since my mother and some extended family are the biggest advocates AGAINST moving there! So I'd like to get some real stories).

I'm also curious and would like to get some feedback, so please post what do you personally do for work or money in BA? How did you make the switch from living and earning $$$ in the US (or wherever else) to Buenos Aires? Do you rent or own your residence, how much $? What neighborhood do you live in?
Anyway, cant wait to read your responses, and if anyone wants to meet up for some drinks, I'll be getting there on the 29th.
My email is [email protected]

P.S. any suggestions of things to do or places to see while I'm there?

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