Want peanut butter? Come and get it!


Jul 27, 2006
Hey all you "gap year expats" (thanks to Fishface for the term)!

Carrefour is now selling Planters peanut butter, but be prepared to pay about 6 bucks for a 12 ounce jar. Of course it is still loaded with trans fats. Perhaps the Carrefour buyer thinks the trans fat free peanut oil (naturally) floating on the top of the Laura Scudder's would be less appealing to Argentine shoppers. That's too bad. They also have Pepperidge Farm "Milano" cookies and "Goldfish" crackers. Personally, I find this fascinating. When I lived in Mexico these were the three of the things one Gringo Geezer I knew always brought with him from the states! Carrefour also has canned Hunts spaghetti sauce, Van Camp's Baked beans, and Healthy Choice canned soup.

I hope these "comfort foods" will provide some relief to your cravings and make life here worth living, after all.
At the moment both are in stock, but either are subject to a "run" by crazed expats suffering from long term nut butter deprivation. I hope this doesn't cause peanut envy if they are sold out.
For some reason the Disco on Larrea and Paraguay is selling the Planters at only $11....bought some the other day and checked receipt as it used to be $18 and it was definitely $11.
Back in May, I purchased a jar of PB, manteca de mani que fue hecho en Argentina, at a supermarket in Chinatown and I swear that it was half the price of all the imports. I wasn't really paying attention to the cost, but I know it was cheaper and I don't remember where the supermarket was located. It might not have been as sweet as Skippy, but my toasted PB&J sandwich was awesome, just the same.
Just do a day trip to Chinatown and walk around a little. You'll be pleasantly surprised as I was to see how many cool things you can find there in the shops and markets. PB is a popular ingredient in many SE Asian cuisine that I am accustomed to eating. Pick yourself up a jar of Thai Satay dipping sauce (PB and some other yummy stuff) while you're at it, and use it to spice up your Chicken, Pork, or Beef.
Barrio Chino is fun to be in for VERY specific things. I always go there to get my fresh seafood and ingredients for Asian foods. Sometimes it{s expensive, but well worth it, if you want to eat something different than what´s offered here.