Jan 28, 2008
I've been in town since Nov/07 . Recently intensifying search for employment: Resumes have been delivered to many desireable Palermo-area hot-spots + Craigslist. Anyone with any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.
I have a culinary arts degree from Johnson & Wales and nearly fifteen years of diversified experience in the field. Lately specializing in baking/pastry arts. Aside from chosen profession, U.S. dollars growing quite thin, and would deffinitely consider English conversational jops and t-com positions.
At the risk of sounding desparate.....SOMEBODY / ANYBODY / PLEASE
Thanks. I remember seeing an ad on Corrientes for English-speaking telemarketers. I'll see if I can find more information for you.
Sounds Good!! Any help at all is truly appreciated... The US$ I had budgeted lasted no time at all. The dillusion people have (myself included) about how great the 1:3 ratio is incredibly misguided. I just want to pay my credit card bill and take my girlfriend out for descent dinners now and then.
just got back to the states. wonderful week. easy to spend money, but also easy to go easy. two empanadas to go and and a liter of beer for 7.00 arg. slice of pizza, empanada and beer at el cuartito for 14.00 arg. stay away from shots, palermo bars and without a doubt recoleta spots. la cabrera is a stunning spot but not for everyday. i will be moving there soon and think that 500.00 u.s. will cover all food with ease. good luck on the job search.
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Its getting quite expensive to live here, especially food. note, some expats live wealthy lives here, earning salaries from other expats, as well as tapping their comfortable investments and pensions. If you come here to live just like an argentine, however, youll soon find out its a grinding struggle. Come here with loads of money or think twice about it. the standards are quite low, quality low, to upgrade from that, similar to the standards we are used to, you will need $$$$.