Wanting to teach English


Mar 12, 2009
Hello all!

I'm an American who graduated college in May of 2008 and am now looking for a little something different. I've been thinking of making the big move for about 3 months now and have decided that Buenos Aires is where I will be soon (the sooner the better). Teaching English seems like a great introductory career, but I'm having trouble getting connected to the right people/companies. I know that a TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred, but I can't get anyone to tell me which one(s) is/are the best. I need to take a course online since I now stay at home taking are of a convalescent grandmother.

I have found out that In-English is one of the top places to learn english in Buenos Aires and thought they might be a future employer, but I have found out that email courtesy isn't that company's strong suit with regard to inquiring newcomers. Any info regarding course recommendations/jobs is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot folks! Hope to be down there very soon and meet some of ya'll!

Based on lots of people's experiences - just get qualified and make your way out here. Its very hard to arrange something until you are here, there are no shortage of qualified teachers here looking for work, so there's not much to be gained by offering jobs to people who live thousands of miles away.

Save up some money to tide you over, then head over to BA and look for work on the ground. Am sure you'll do fine, everyone else I know who teaches english has done fine for themselves.
I'm teaching English in B.A right now and I agree with jp's comment. Save some money up before you come to tide you over. It will take some time for you to get a full schedule and you won't be paid until the end of the month...and sometimes later than that.

It's true that schools won't call you back until you're in Buenos Aires.

Good Luck :)
That's the vibe I'm getting where I've done my research. Can anyone tell me a good online TESOL/TEFL course specifically. I think that's my biggest hurdle to cross. Too much snake oil for sale on the internet to just buy the first google hit.
English teachers aren't in demand like they used to be. I've gone from a full load to just 4 students over the past year. I've been looking around but the jobs aren't there. I don't know if it's a glut of English teachers or the bad economy forcing people to cut back on lessons. Don't count on making enough to pay your bills working here, bring some savings!