New - Wanting to move to BA asap

Hello all.

Ive been researching a lot and have decided that BA has everything I want. Coming from California, the cost savings is appealing of course but the culture is what really made me fall in love. The food, the weather, the women, the liberal laws and tattoo community acceptance... and a lot of Fortune 500 companies. Ive worked in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing for 20+ years so Im hoping to get my foot in the door so I can get an Employer Sponsored Work Visa. Ive looked on the job boards and now I am looking up all the big companies one by one and applying for any job in Buenos Aires. Here in Southern California we have a large Hispanic population so I already know some basic Spanish and will become fluent in no time.

Any other ideas on how to actually get my foot in the door with a company that can sponsor my work visa? I do not want to do the "teaching english" gig.
Hi and welcome to the community! Despite what some more negative commenters may say, if you are persistent you may find a company willing to sponsor your visa.

That said, I'd strongly suggest that you first visit for at least 2/3 months on a fact finding mission before committing to your proposed course of action, assuming you haven't already done so. Argentina is a great place but it's not for everyone and you need to live here a while to really know if it fits you.

As for your question, i'd reccommend that you check out Facebook, there are several BA expat job groups.

Good Luck!
This must be the worst time to think of moving to Buenos Aires as the economic situation is terrible and getting much worse . Regarding cost of living its not much cheaper than California except for rental.
It will be 99% impossible, in my opinion, to find a job and a sponsor. WHY would any company go to all that trouble for a foreigner (who doesn't even speak the language) when they have a huge pool of local people to draw from? And as it's been pointed out, the country is in a deep recession.
A lot of people have posted similar ideas on this website. Seems most have never been here but get the idea that life would be fabulous in BA. Even if you have enough money to support yourself it's not an easy place to live but if you are dependent on the economy it can be nothing less than a nightmare.