What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?

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I just want to say to everybody follow your dreams,
and don’t let drama, ore interruptions take away the fun that you have.
In time you will bump in to some obstacles, but that’s a good thing.
Buenos Aires is a great city; the Argentinean people are great.
When I immigrated to Buenos Aires, I did not know anybody there,
I could not speak the language, and I came from Amsterdam.
But this doesn’t even matter, if you want something in life you can
get whatever you want, just believe in yourself.
In the first 5 days I got new friends, argentineans....Love the people!
Your life, is your movie, take the lead, and try to make the best of you're life.
I’m the lead part in my movie, and that’s what you need to do as well.
If you’re from other countries then Argentina then there is no reason at all to complain.
Feel blessed that you can choose where to live, a lot of people don’t have that option,
Try to enjoy every day you’re on this great planet, and when something goes wrong,
laugh out loud, and try to find a solution.

Pssst: my mother is Argentinean, but I was born in Hollanda.

Wishing you all the best!!!
Much Love
Duncan Mitchel
Buenos Aires the city that never Sleeps!


Nice to see, at least we agree we are not all the same. Personally I love the food, but stay away from the tourist menues ( had one once, not fit for the dogs ).
Duncan I also loved Amsterdam, they have tango there as well as an alnost limitless variety of eateries.


drucifer said:
If you need 7000 pesos to live reasonably ok, than you must have a very high standard.
I agree, what are they doing with $2500 dollars a month as a single person? That would allow a single person to live like a king in BA. Studio- bills inclusive 500-550 in city centre, food 200 dollars a month max, the rest for social life- Eating in restaurants every day? It is like saying you need at least $5-6000 to live in New York or London, I know people on less than half of that and making a living just fine.
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