What do you like best about being here?


So what do you LIKE? What makes it worth staying? I think people want to hear this as well!

My answer:
The love of my life is here. The focus on friends instead of things. The climate that offers so many gorgeous sunny days. The palo borracho tree. The slower pace. The international mix of movies, news, language. Good cheap wine.

Your answer?


Having family nearby, plenty of household help, and the fact that everything is "personal". After many years in the States, where disagreements are prefaced by the mantra "It's not personal", I enjoy a place where every human interaction is unabashedly, enthusiastically PERSONAL...


countless tree-lined avenues; the smell of jasmine plants when you're walking along the street; the weather; the architecture; seeing dog walkers with like, 15 mutts trailing behind them (but not the poo, obviously...); the support of the arts, with so many fabulous, free events; the tango; horses and carts; the fabulous wine; how easy it is to cultivate things here; the cost of living (better than Scotland); the night sky...


HowardinBA said:
yes mar del plata is nice:rolleyes:
That was indeed a misprint. I meant "the beaches". I'm leaving for Mardel tonight.

orwellian said:
You forgot to mention panties
Actually, I'm not a big fan. I prefer those to be in the store windows, on the living room/ kitchen/ bedroom/ balcony floor, or in my pocket rather than on my girl. Especially if she's wearing a skirt or dress.