What do you like best about being here?


Napoleon said:
That was indeed a misprint. I meant "the beaches". I'm leaving for Mardel tonight.

Actually, I'm not a big fan. I prefer those to be in the store windows, on the living room/ kitchen/ bedroom/ balcony floor, or in my pocket rather than on my girl. Especially if she's wearing a skirt or dress.

My bad, I mistook you for stevefullofbs.


There is a lot to love here if you open your eyes . The streets with the mixture of broken, antique, new , combined with beautiful green trees and dog shit never fail to impress. Purely lovely .

The cafes are wonderous here especially in Belgrano, Palermo and most northern suburbs . The mixture of corner and the beautiful architecture create a lively atmosphere.

The Buenos Aires Night is a secret to discover and even after many years here they can impress you with their energy . After 3am is when the energy of BA becomes sublime.

The outspokeness of the people here while irritating is also refreshing especially for those who come from other societies where opinions are hidden and not expressed for fear of offending .

Lastly the incredible variety of nature in Argentina and its resources that we take for granted . There is no richer land in the world but we are not rich nor equal as a society. I hope that one day Argentina can be a beacon for the world.


So many things In BA... sitting at a nice corner cafe or bistro drinking a cerveza or a glass of vino on a nice day watching people and beautiful girls walking by.....
eating an amazing steak with a great malbec.....
enjoying the great bakeries...
having anything and everything delivered to my apartment....
walking the parks.. or just walking and finding a new area or a new place....
I guess what is fun here is the big city life... I came from California.... so I like not driving or having a car.. and being in traffic( at least being the driver..).... it is a busy city.. but everything is close.. and you just walk at the most 5 blocks for anything and everything....
I can live here for about half of what it costs me in the USA...I can drink great wine eat great steaks.. and just enjoy life and living..... I have made my life much more simple here... less about stuff and more about living!!
Yes, sure there are things I miss about the USA... but when I am in the USA I miss things about Argentina.... no place is perfect.....
It is about your state of mind.... but Argentina can be great fun.... This is a nice thread since so many people on this site seem to only complain about the country.... Well I am off for a cerveza.. chauuuuuuuuu:)

Heather ryan

ten things i like about argentina For me no one is the climate no2 everybody is interested ii the reason your here and where your from no3 the food and the love of food no4Every one is beutiful. there lots of cute guys.no5The social life is a lot better than Ireland.no6 The euro goes a long way here.no7.Talking to neighbours on la vereda.no8The different seosons no9.good wine.no10 good football.


Ditto the initial thread - the slower pace and the focus on the more important things in life like family and relationships is why Buenos Aires is the ultimate place to live...people are so beautiful here because the city is designed for WALKING, not getting fat in your car like LOS ANGELES!!!!


There is a relaxed quality of life here. I enjoy it when I can get myself relaxed and calm.

I find Argentina funny in a quaint kind of way. Remember Obewan Kenobe in the first Star Wars movie saying "These aren't the droids you're looking for!" to convince the guards to let them past the gate? That's how I feel when I try to get anything done here.

Argentina makes me smile, like when i see a cute kid doing something silly! :)


orwellian said:
You're interested in buying them?
Damn, you read my mind!

I was just about to post that one thing I liked about being here is being able to buy really good used "stuff" (microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators, computers, etc.) at reasonable prices from disgruntled, heartbroken, or other expats about to leave.

I hadn't dared to hope that used panties would make the list!