What happened to Sunday Coffee with the girls?

For two weeks now I have not seen any posting of Sunday coffee with the girls. Did something happen? Now that the weather is sunny and warm, we should really be getting out there and enjoying such beautiful spring days.
Any newcomers willing to revive the activitiy of Sunday get together?
Hey Grazie, you're right. I am not a newcomer but I'll join the group this Sunday. What about going to the Lagos de Palermo (Rosedal)? The Museum Sivori has a very nice bar al fresco. http://www.museosivori.org.ar/paginatrastienda.htm

Museum Sivori is in front of the bridge of the Rosedal Park in Palermo,
Av. Infanta Isabel 555. Every Sunday people goes running and skating, there's a lake (hopefully clean) and trees and roses, it's worth going in the Spring.

Or you can also suggest a place. I am available at 4.00.
Looking forward to seeing you, girls!
Thank you for the suggestion, citygirl. So Ladies-who-wish-to-attend-this-Sunday's- coffee what about Malba, or does anybody else have other suggestions?
Is Sunday definite? I don't know if I'll be able to make it - I have to go to Pilar to ride & may or may not come back to the city (I have my first horseshow on Monday). If not, I'm definitely in for coffee the next weekend (or sometime during the week)
Ladies, HI. I think we were bound to come to this crossroad sooner or later.
In observance with an established practice and traditionn, let us keep the Sunday Coffee get together for the ladies/gals who can only make it on Sundays.
And then, we can start another coffee get together for during the week, for those who can not make it on Sundays.Women love choices -so maybe this would a good way to accommodate everyone? How about it?
We keep MALBA for this Sunday, since we have several "yeas" for this place - and then citygirl <good luck on your practice and show> if you can suggest a place to get together for coffee during a weekday - that would be most helpful. Thank you.