What would you bring to Argentina with you?

Hi all. The misses and I are going to move to Cordoba next month and are having trouble deciding what's worth bringing or leaving. We're getting rid of lots of stuff but still decided to bring most of our clothes, my computer and some other gadgets, and some other random things we think might be hard to find there, but in general I could really use some advice on what is worth bringing from abroad vs buying new there.

We plan on taking about 8 suitcases with us (I did weeks of research into shipping our items there and finally decided it's too troublesome and potentially costly). Would you mind giving me some advice on the kinds of things that are worth bringing (assuming we already own it or can get it for a much cheaper price outside Argentina) as opposed to leaving them here (selling them off for second hand prices) and buying them again in Argentina?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Congrats, we did the same about a year ago. I commute, and am bringing a couple of suitcases full of "stuff" every time I return. I've always had cutting edge tech. stuffs, but have found that I really don't need the latest and greatest, and may have bought them in the past to impress others, stupid I know. I don't think anyone cares who has the latest iPhone etc. here.
I'll boil it down to three things that are important to us: Cash, meds, and spices. Cash and meds are obvious, the spices were a surprise to us, but you can't just bop down to costco for some garlic powder, lemon pepper, cinnamon, sriracha, or cholula here! At least not here in VGB in Cordoba state. Good luck!!
canela (cinnamon) is very common, easy to find in most stores. garlic powder (and garlic salt) not so much
If you drink proper leaf tea, Assam or Ceylon, it's not to be found in Argentina. Bring your supply of tea with you.

Of the things I did right and wrong. I am very happy I brought my Work Sharp knife sharpening kit with a couple of spare belt sets. I am very unhappy I didn't bring more bank cards. I have a few, but I wish I got two new cards for each account. Replacing cards is hard. I am glad I left my old phone alone and simply bought a second phone I use for all things Argentina. Mosquito repellent is very weak here, I want to bring a few charges of the liquid for the fumigators, the mosquitos seem to ignore the local stuff.
By the way, not sure if this was mentioned already, there is a website to seek for alternative medicine by country, for example:

For information about the active ingredient in Tylenol, see paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen.

When it comes to commonly used medications, that are not sold in Argentina, pharmacists typically suggest an alternative that contains the same active ingredient. For example, if you ask for "Claritin," they offer "Loratadina" right away. For less common drugs, they consult a computer. But again, this is not unusual.
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