What would you bring to Argentina with you?

Downstairs Farmacity. Stuff that they keep near the counter for quick access. You can see paracetamol and aspirin, and probably five shelves of ibuprofen.


Ibuprofen shelves closer.

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dude- all in one pill, not 3 different ones. You can buy the stuff I buy at Costco on mercado libre- 36,000 pesos for a 200 pill bottle. I get a third more pills for 1/4 the price, and it takes up very little space in my luggage. But you do you, and I will do me.
I also installed an inline water filter in my kitchen sink, as the only thing I could find in Argentina was the counter top pitchers, which are all multilevel marketing, and very expensive and not very good. I use a standard filter, change it once a year, and its a fraction of the cost, and it is invisibly plumbed in below the counter top.
I have yet to see any countertop pitchers (aka "jarras" in Spanish) like the ones in the following link that are sold by multilevel marketing programs in Argentina

In the malls in Bahia Blanca I have seen countertop filters like the ones in the following link that are sold in free standing booths, and I'm guessing that these are indeed MLM.

As the following link reveals, these countertop filters are also availble on Mercado Libre.

And there are many inline water filters (aka "filtros agua bajo mesada" in Spanish) available on Mercado Libre:

I cannot comment on the quality of any of them as I do not use one, but if I did, it would be one of the "under the sink" models.

I imagine at least a few of the under the sink models would also be availbe at a large store like EASY and perhaps as well at larger neighborhood hardware stores throughout Argentina, but that's just my hunch. 🤠
Appreciate all the informative replies. Good to know there are pharmacy's on every corner but I think I'll bring an extra large bottle of extra strength pain killers as it sound more cost effective at the very least. Thanks again for all the great info, just what I needed.
I get migraines that I take the excedrin that is caffeine, aspirin and acetomeniphin. I havent been able to find them in BA, I bring a big bottle with me.
Fascinating - I take Tetralgin to the US from Argentina for mine. The most effective OTC remedy I've found.
What special items, that I actually can bring into the country, should I bring with me? https://baexpats.org/threads/when-i...gs-should-i-bring-that-are-hard-to-get.44410/
That's actually the thread my latest post about Tylenol was based off of (the one I'm quoting below). Thanks for the link though. I tried to do my due diligence and search the forum before posting but didn't come up with much (and sadly didn't find the thread you posted until just yesterday), so I'm always open to more to be pointed in the right direction.
I came across a thread from a year ago of another person asking for advice on things to bring into Argentina upon moving there and Tylenol was mentioned and never disputed (many of the suggestions were ironically). Just curious if extra strength pain killers would be hard to find our should I bring some? Got a killer back pain problem that creeps up on me for a month or so every year, couldn't survive without good pain meds.
Fascinating - I take Tetralgin to the US from Argentina for mine. The most effective OTC remedy I've found.
I have had migraines since the late 60s. For me, with trial and error, this works, but migraines are varied and may indeed, not be one thing, but many different things. I have never seen any advertising that influenced me, I just know what works for me.
Brought a Florida friend twenty boxes of Migradioxadol - she's found nothing as effective for migraines in the US. It is sold over the counter in Argentina