Where Do You Buy Your Clothes From?


I agree that the Argentine casual clothing and leather goods are a sensible buy....my only problem is that I can't find decent T-shirts ANYWHERE here that indicate I have been to Argentina....they all proudly declare Brooklyn, San Diego, New York, or some American logo.....I avoid the soccer shirts because I prefer not to subsidize or advertise for the global banks.
cant help you there- I dont wear clothes with logos or other people's writing on them. I do really like the Habana T shirts, which are sturdy 100% cotton ribbed shirts, but no advertising comes on them.
I bought some what I guess you'd call sneakers that I really like on the 1000 block of Defensa in San Telmo, made in Argentina, not cheap, around 3200 pesos. Rainmaker model hush puppies at Grimoldi in the Abasto shopping center (that I wear whenever I think it's going to rain) for around 3500 Pesos. Probably around twice as much as they sell for in the states. Also bought a couple of things on sale at outlet stores in Palermo on Gurruchaga in both directions starting at Córdoba. I bought a very expensive Ferragamo nick tie on sale at the Ferragamo store in Ricoleta. There is a decent casual clothing store in San Telmo on Belgrano and I think Balcarce (men's section down stairs) where I've bought t-shirts and jeans that I like. I'm thinking of taking a shopping trip to Italy, so if anyone has any tips for men's clothing in Milan or Rome or other cities, please post them.
My last shopping spree was about a month ago in Rome. I don't know about men's clothes but the main shopping area is on Via del Corso from beginning to end. I decided that i am not spending more time, money or energy buying clothes in Argentina. Regarding shoes, I will be searching those few places that have sign "cabritilla", since the quality of shoes has dramatically declined too.
Poor quality clothing found in most women's shops in BA is an understatement!. I agree that finding adequate men's apparel here is less of an issue.
I purchase online T-shirts, sports socks and undergarments of 100% cotton during annual sales at Hanes. Items are shipped (free of charge) to friends in SF and I bring them back once a year. I buy the occasional pair of winter shoes in person at the Nordstrom Outlet.
What do the regular people do? The ones who can't leave Argentina to buy clothes? Most everyone I see is dressed, and most fairly nicely. Although I do hate the Frankenstein shoes and skin tight jeggings on every possible body type.
There are still people who get the fabrics and use a dressmaker for custom-made outfits. Now, I'm not sure about finding good fabrics here but many times I brought imported fabrics and had special clothes made for me. BTW, I found an outlet store of Adriana Constantini in Caballito, where I bought an exceptionally elegant pair of pants.
I love to shop, but I refuse to pay full price for anything. Even in the USA, I bought clothes at consignment shops and house sales. They exist here, and I started a thread about "ferias americanas." The contents of my apartment and my entire wardrobe were found at weekend house sales and consignment shops. The house sales are one day only to sell everything; the owners are usually foreigners returning home. I rarely pay more than 200 pesos for a pair of new or used-once shoes (and that includes tango shoes). This is how I afford to buy Bruno Magli, Versace, Armani shoes in BA. I have clothes by Dolce y Gabbana, Kenzo, and Hermes in my closet that I bought years ago.

I no longer buy in Argentina. Way overpriced.
Argentine clothing at retail stores is too expensive for my budget. I buy Argentine and imported clothing and shoes at ferias americanas and weekend house sales.

Here is what I bought recently. A mohair and wool full length coat for 100 pesos at a church rummage sale. Five pairs of shoes, a summer dress, and a pair of knitted gloves for 1100 pesos ($44.19) at a local feria americana store. The shoes are like new, one of which retails for $50 in the US.

Trash isn't the only thing recycled -- clothing is donated to churches that hold ferias americanas four times a year so that those without the means can afford clothing for their families.
I agree with others....the quality of clothing here compared to what you can get in the UK for a fraction of the price is awful. Then again the same can be said for mostly everything you buy here. From fish to furniture.