Why all the smoke in the air?


Sep 6, 2007
Please tell me why there is so much smoke in the air for the past two weeks, even before the cold snap!
I have heard they are burning rubbish out of the city, is this true?
I have heard that the farmers are burning fields or something. It's really awful and has to be a problem for people with breathing problems.
The farmers are stubble burning to get ready for the next bumper crop that they don't want to pay taxes on.
If they can't blockade and starve us to death they have decided to to give us all lung cancer instead.
Should we try rain dancing????
Thanks so much for your replies.....
I am an asthmatic so this weather is killing me, as well as being pregnant!
This isnt weather!
This appears to be rich farmers burning their fields and lack of government regulation and control. the typical hand washing the rich political mafia here alway display. The media has reported on the fires, but seem to be very vague on specifics. La Nacion reports a meeting between 3 governors. no quotes, no photos, no details, etc. I saw similar fires in honduras.
Has anyone contacted their embassy about the health risk of this smoke? Should we leave town?
I couldnt sleep last night due to the suffocating smoke. i had all windows closed and the AC on, yet i was choking.
Anyway, i can report that i never saw the mayor, the governor, nor queen cristina. i surfed all the cable channels all night and this morning. they were not to be seen. i cant imagine a major city back home suffering this kind of health emergency and the officials being absent from public view.
Its like watching children run their own country!
In most developed countries the government sees protecting the health and welfare of it's citizens as an important function. This should tell us a lot about what kind of government exists here.
I completely concur that the gov. is ignoring the severity of prolonged exposure to this smoke. You're right, it does go hand in hand with widespread disregard for public health. The fact is, without adequate "fire snuffing" airdrops via. plane / helicopter, all we can hope for is decreased air pressure(or change in winds) so the smoke has a chance to rise into the atmosphere (where it will eventually add to the f***** up o-zone depeation)
Today's specials "Smoked......everything.....with a side of car-monoxide poisoning"