Why all the smoke in the air?

The smoke story has finally been picked up by the international press. It's 3 AM on Friday and I have woken up due to the intense smell (all windows closed and air conditioning on). Shouldn't a state of emergency have been declared or am I over-reacting?
Sergio, I am warning you man, one more complain and someone is really going to call the complainers a "sissy" (wink-wink). You know you are in Argentina because you like the smell of smoke and cannot live without it. You are there because you so love the place, just fess up already. Smoke is just a small price to pay for the all glorious that is Argentina. So what if visibility is close to zero and people have died on Ruta 9, so what, it is just smoke. They say if there is smoke there is fire - so... It is after all just another forest fire, what is the big deal? So what if people can hardly breath, this is not a novel concept. Asphixia, lung and bronchial infection will afflict the aged and small kids, just collaterals for the great things and very well priced items in BsAs. Be a man sergio and accept the fact that Buenos Aires is indeed Good Airs. There I've said it.
Ok, you're right. I accept it. Now I feel so much better!
OK, that's it...I'm sick of this attitude of "eso es asi", (that's just the way it is) When lightening ignites a forrest fire, when earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and volvanos erupt....THAT is the "way it is". When fires are set by man, with the end motivation of gaining more money, that is irresponsible negligence. Granted, this occurs annually to clear for planting, doesn't mean it should be. YES, i'm here by choice, but NO, I don't see Arg/BS as some majical paradise where all ugliness should be dismissed as "just another characteristic of the city". Simple fact is, this is happening and regardless of how "organic" burning grasslands are viewed, when that smoke mixes with all the toxic fumes already in the air over the city, then you have a nasty concoction for your lungs.
Let's look at the bright side: Maybe cigarette sales have been slowed this week..............I still doubt that. Defend your choice to be here all you want, but I'm tired of hacking up lung oysters.
Another night last night of choking smoke and burning eyes. this morning the downtown looked like a warzone. im sure its ALL someone elses fault, the govt. always says that. what a mafia they are!
The air has cleared some, the smoke is still here!, but less so. We can smell the pollution again.
i wonder what crisis we will have next week. wow, since ive been here, weve had 200 killed in a disco fire, no trial or lawsuits.we had 6 or 7 difference currencies. then we never have coins. we have no mufflers, and no bus control. we have no highway control over speed, dangerous driving, or headlights.
a few weeks ago we had no meat, and now we have galloping inflation.
and now we are finishing a week of burning eyes and impaired health due to very slow government response to a major health emergency.
Those thinking of moving here should aim their darts at another place, try some african cities.
I say this again, the smoke is not dangerous, it may be uncomfortable but that is it, We are all here by choice so stop dissing Argentina, and how can you compare Argentina to Africa you have obviously never been there, if you don't like it here by an airline ticket back to where you came from, can someone post something positive about this GREAT place instead, and no I am not from Argentina.
See, see, I told you. Saying anything bad against Argentina was going to get some of you guys in to trouble (wagging finger here). What smoke? There is no smoke. Just think happy thoughts and go to that hapy place - see all is well that ends well. No more negative stuff about BsAs, k? Let us all live in peace and harmony, man.
The smoke will eventually clear. So just keep your elderlies (hacking or not hacking) and little punkins inside (little indoor time will do them some good). Winter evening by the fire reading some stories never did anyone any harm. So there you have it.
Woke up at 6:20 with breathing problems - the smoke is back!
Go to the paint store and buy protective masks. They're only a peso or two each and help a lot when the smoke is at it's worse (we were thinking of selling these on Florida at a huge markup!). Also, use masking tape to seal up your windows...
Will you guys stop it already? At least it's not like there is a citywide riot like it was in LA, where you have to worry about the rioters, the shop owners on the rooftops with guns, the smoke, and the National Guard running all over the place. I was there when it happened in 1992 while I was visiting my family when I was in college, and we'd had to deal with the stench of the smoke for more than a week, not to mention the 10:00 o'clock curfew. The National Guards were ordered to shoot 1st & ask questions later if you happened to be in the streets and where you're not supposed to be at. If it really bothers you that much, head south to beaches. They are clear of the smoke, take a few days off. A bus ticket to San Clemente is about $40 ARS and since it's not summer, or a long weekend, you can easily find lodging there.