Why all the smoke in the air?


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Good Morning:) May I recommend EL Calafate in the Santa Cruz Provincia, the air is crisp and clean with no humidity, there you can hop around on the glaciers and maybe you feel better.


This is a once in a lifetime experience for this City and its not the fault of Argentina, Christina Kirchner or Buenos Aires.
The smoke issue is due to unusual wind patterns thats all. Every city has had similar problems and much worse . I lived in Sydney during the bushfires a few years ago and that was Armaggedon in certain parts compared to this.
Buenos Aires for a major capital has low air pollution due to the fact that there are no surrounding mountains and constant breezes . Have any of you guys lived in Santiago, Bogota or Mexico City now multiply the air polllution by 20 and thats what life is like there.
In a few days time it will be all gone so lets enjoy this experience while it lasts!


"The smoke issue is due to unusual wind patterns thats all".The fire was deliberately started by farmers with apparently no safety precautions whatsoever. It's just one more example of irreponsibe behavior. As for pollution, cities like Mexico DF are very unpleasant places to live. I wouldn't want to have anything to do with it so I don't find the comparison meaningful.


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I REALLY wonder what goes through some peoples minds. "Once in a lifetime experience" and "enjoy it will it lasts". What does that all mean?
The whole world is screwed up these days in one way or another. But the true fact is......The current President(a) cannot govern. Period. I have even been told my some Argentines that her government is responsible for the current air pollution and they started the fires in an attempt to win sympathy for the government and discontent/solidarity with the farmers. Whatever the case may be, the s@#$ is gonna hit the fan real soon here. Again. It seems they never learn from their mistakes and continue this cycle of self-fulfilled failure. Yes....let's all "enjoy" it while it lasts....
http://www.smn.gov.ar/there you can watch where the smoke's going and where it comes from. and yes, it sucks but i personally am more pissed about the atm machines and the 100 usd limit...


:) well, if you put it in that context, it keeps everything in perspective then :)
Smoke will eventually blow over. This smoke is in defiance to the Non-smoking ordinance ( I am a non-smoker thanks!) that was put into place for eating establishments - now smokers can step inside these restaurants to get respite from the smoke outside :) A little humor during these times could only help.