Why are we introducing ourselves and whatnot? Lets meetup.

OK, so I found you guys in here!! I´m in, but need directions to the place.
Uriarte and Honduras. One of us will mention something to the maitre'd, so just ask for the expat group.
Napoleon said:
Say "hello" to the folks at Vines of Mendoza across the street from the Park Hyatt for me. (Or in the vinoteca inside the Park Hyatt.)

Tell them "Napoleon" said hello. When they say "What?" Tell them "Michael's bald American acquaintance in Buenos Aires who he knows through Catherine & Ed said 'hello'." That may or may not clear it up. ;)

Aw, I got this message late. :( I did go to Vines of Mendoza though... great place! I wish I could have told them hello for you!

How was the get-together?
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