womans health clinics


Sep 5, 2008
does any one know if ba has any health clinics for laidies? for example some where you can have a smear test or std test. and is there any where for ex pats or non spanish speakers?
There is the Women's Health Centre at the Hospital Italiano in Almagro, it's very good. However as far as I know you need to go to a GP or gynecologist and get an orden for any testing.
If you have medical insurance here you should have a directory that will list what languages the doctors speak. If you do not have insurance, what you could try is look through the online OSDE directory (it think it's osdebinario.com, but google it and see) -- go to Cartillas / Prestadores and look up gynecologists inside of CF. The site lists what languages are spoken, so you could try calling the offices where english is spoken and ask whether or not they will see you even if you do not have insurance. Otherwise go directly to the Hospital Italiano or Hospital Britannico and see if you can see someone on duty. You may have to pay fees if you don't have insurance or a DNI. Fees should be minimal.